A grand “World Sight Day” celebration by OCI

OCI (Optometry Council of India) celebrated ‘World Sight Day” 2016 by conducted a “WALKATHON”. This year 13 October is the “World Sight Day”. The WALKATHON conducted at three major metro cities in India- Delhi,  Mumbai & Chennai between 13 -15th October. Two major aim of this WALKATHON was

  1. Increase the awareness about the importance of eye examination
  2. Establish Optometry profession more strong in India



This celebration was supported by IOF (INDIN OPTOMETRY FEDERATION), ASCO (Association of schools and colleges of Optometry), Bausch & Lomb, Cooper Vision and Alcon.

Optometrist, Optometry college students, and Optometry college faculties are joined this walk. The starting location was

New Delhi:– 13/10/2016 Huda Metro station, Gurgaon, 7:00 am

Mumbai- 15/10/2016 Mithibhai college, 7:30 am

Chennai- 16/10/2016 Marina  Beach, 7.00 am

Also “World Sight Day” celebrated by WALKATHON at Gujrat, Pune, Calicut etc.

Celebrated at Chennai by Optometry Association of Tamilnadu Nanbargal
Celebrated at Chennai by Optometry Association of Tamilnadu Nanbargal
Marina Beach walk


Approximately 750  participants have joined 3 km walk started from Chennai Marina Beach including Optometrist, Optometry students, and faculties.

Delhi Rally
At Jantar Mantar

New Delhi WALKATHON was conducted by Amity Medical School, Optometry Department under the guidance of Prof. Monica Chaudhary.

The major aim of this movement is to increase the awareness about eye disease as well as the role of Optometrist to the prevention of blindness. In India, Optometrist doesn’t have any council.

Optometrists are primary health care specialist those who prescribe glasses, contact lenses and find out any medical treatment needed for the eye or not. At U.S Optometrist are eligible for prescribing few drugs and LASER eye surgery but India Optometrists are licensed for prescribing glasses and contact lens only. An Optometrist plays a significant role in preventing cataract, glaucoma, age-related macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, ocular hypertension.

This is really a good step for our society. We heartily congratulate the activation of OCI and associates for a better future of Optometry career in India. Hope in future Optometry Council India will be an independent council.

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