Importance of eye examination after Lasik surgery

We all know that LASIK eliminate the refractive error and most of the cases don’t need any kinds of devices for good vision. Spectacle or contact lens wearer can enjoy full vision with the naked eye. It improves our vision as well as the quality of life. After a successful LASIK surgery, you may think that future doesn’t require an eye examination. Because now the vision is clear without glasses or contact lenses. Generally after the surgery, follow up done next day of surgery, one week, one month, three months, six months and after one year. After that also required an eye check at regular interval.

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Why regular eye examination is important?

We must need eye examination regularly for following conditions like glaucoma, family history of glaucoma, diabetes, cataract, macular degeneration. So any person has those eye disease or family history they must need an eye check up at regular interval. Unfortunately, Lasik surgery cannot reduce the risk of glaucoma and any other eye disease.snellens

As we know myopia retina is thinner so after the surgery also, the complication of myopia should be same. We need to take care of any kinds of retinal degeneration and that should be treated as per condition.

Ruled out Post-Lasik ectasia:- Corneal stromal layer (90% of corneal thickness) cut and remove a little thickness of stroma during the time of Lasik surgery. Sometimes the cornea becomes progressive thinner means the tendency of corneal thinning after few years of surgery. The condition is called post-Lasik ectasia also called keratoconus sometimes. Though the condition is very rare but corneal topography should be done yearly once for safety. If any kind of corneal regression found then treatment should be done which is known as C3R / CXL (Corneal collagen cross-linking).

Everybody knows that rubbing of the eyes should be avoided after the surgery. If feels itchiness, dryness or allergies in the eyes then it will be treated as per doctor advice.

Important tips:-

  1. Do regular eye check-up.
  2. Detailed retina examination should be done yearly once
  3. Yearly once corneal topography if possible. If spectacle number reoccurred then must required
  4. Don’t rub your eyes
  5. Wear Protective glasses while go outside
  6. Use lubricant eye drops if feels dryness
  7. Any kind of redness, itching etc should consult with doctor immediately

So, regular eye check up is important to keep our eyes healthy.

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