Why college time is better for starting a blog or a YouTube channel?

Do you know why starting a blog site or a YouTube channel from our graduation time is better for future? 

Many people try to earn money online but few of them are getting success. You can earn money through online in different ways by investing a little money, or without investing any money. There are many ways to earn pocket money through onlineArticle writing service, affiliate marketing, starting a blog and making YouTube videos are lucrative ways to earn money through online from home. Blogging and making YouTube videos are the best ways to earn money online without investing money. Many experts and bloggers say that you can earn lots of money through starting a blog. That’s true because if you see the shoutmeloud blogging income report and growth of income, then you must be thinking of the blog. Also. You feel that it is the best and shortest way to earn money through online. But there is a difference between blogging for a hobby and blogging for money.

Few reasons to starting a blog while you are a college student

Advantages of starting a blog
  1. Better writer: – First of all you will be a better writer. Practice makes perfect. It helps a lot in future. Your English communication skill will be improved if you are not from an English native place. Writing is an art which will be more beautiful with practice.
    Advantages of writing a blog
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  2. Better Thinker: – Once you start writing a blog on any topics, then your concept about the topic will be more clear. Your knowledge on that subject will be deeper. You will gain lots of knowledge about a subject and may be called as an expert on that field. Experimental work for starting a blog
  3. Experimental work- You will get more time to experiment with your works. You can start blogging as a hobby. Many people start blogging since they heard that it is an easy way to earn money through online without any investment or very little investment. But earning money through blogging is not easy. Once you decide to earn money through blogging, then it is also a part of your business. But I think blogging is an art and it should enjoy as a hobby and the money will come automatically. If you blogging since your student life, then you will understand the popularity of your favorite topic. You may not get a good traffic for your favorite topic and you need to change the area of your specialty. So that you will learn lots of new things also.     Do you know   Ajay Nagar who is of CarryMinati YouTube channel? He is a successful YouTuber. Currently more than the 1M subscriber. Ajay Nagar initially started making videos on the mobile game, football tricks etc. But after sometimes he understood that Indians don’t like gaming channel. Then he changed his track and start making videos review of viral videos. So you will get more time to experiment with your works.
    Share knowledge is a good thing for starting a blog
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  4. Knowledge sharing: – Through the blog, you can share your knowledge with others. Also, you educate another person through blogging. Suppose you are a medical student, then you can increase the awareness about a disease through your blog or YouTube channel. This will be a great social cause for your blog or YouTube channel.
  5. Invest time and talent: – Blogging is free. You can start blogging freely. Two major platforms of blogging sites are WordPress and Bloggers and they are very popular worldwide where you can start your own website with free of cost. But the name of your website will like yourname.wordpress.com or yourname.blogspot.com. Also, you can buy a domain from Bluehost with a very low cost if you want the website like yourfavouritename.com or .in.

For making a website through these sites you don’t require a great knowledge of HTML. But you have to give time for writing a great blog as well as cultivate your creativity.

  1. Social media for a reason: – Many of us spend several hours in social media. Most of the time college students are spending time on Facebook or Twitter. Most of your college friends will read your shared blog on social media if that are on interesting topic or an important topic. You can get many new ideas from your friends. Also, you can make many posters or write some blogs, or make funny YouTube videos which youth really likes. Your international popularity will be increased through blogging.

Advantages of Youtube channel:-

YouTube is a most popular platform for uploading videos and earning money worldwide. It is an easy and cheapest way to make money online fro home. There is no limit and time of income from your videos if you can make popular videos. You can open a YouTube channel without any cost. Also, it is very easy to get Adsense approval for your channel. For YouTube videos may be you need upload 2-3 fresh videos. After that, you can apply for Adsense and most of the cases Adsense got approved within 2-3 days.

Most of the students using the Android and expensive phone. There are many applications available in Google playstore for editing videos. YouTube is a very nice platform for earning money and become popular. You can make many fans of your channel.

These are the basic reasons for why you should start a blog or a YouTube channel in early college life? There may be other reasons for starting a blog in early college life.

 But earning money through blogging or making YouTube is easy or not?

Of course easy. But you need to do blogging properly and your website should be getting lots of traffic. Without traffic, you can’t earn money. For the success of earning money through blogging or YouTube channel, you need to maintain some rules.

P.C – Per Hardestam
  1. Consistency is the success key: – You need to post regularly or upload video regularly. Maybe you are busy with your regular job but you need to maintain the consistency. If daily writing not possible the at least weekly one post. If you are doing a job, do blogging just for time pass. Initially, it can help you to pay only utility bills. But if you maintain consistency then definitely you will get success and earn money also.
  2. Trending topics: – The core subjects of your blog or YouTube videos will be on trending topics. That means your blog topic gets lots of searches daily in Google. If the topic is not much popular then the search volume will be less and your traffic will be less. Long videos make more money, but for educational topics, you need to make the short video which may be 3-4 minutes long but with full information.
    Interesting and trending topic is always better for starting a blog
    Write blog in interesting topic P.C- Liz Allen
  3. Original and interesting: – Don’t do the copy paste job. Try to write something interesting and original content. So that your readers can enjoy your writing and that will make your blog different from others. If you your blog is unique then only your readers will subscribe your blog and they will come back to your site. You must be a creative person and you’re your creativity is important for writing.
  4. Keyword research: – Keyword plays an important role in ranking in Google page. If your blog able to rank within first two pages of Google, then you will get very good numbers of traffic. Google Adwords tool is a very good tool to do keyword research and add campaigns for your article.
  5. Hard work for your creativity: – Nothing is free in this world. You must be working hard for your success. Once you decide to publish blog regularly, then you should finish that on time and you work 100% on that. After publishing your blog, you need to share them on social media.
  6. Self-belief: – You have to trust yourself. Initially, you may not get good traffics but you should not lose hope. Self-belief is the first step of success.

At last, I want to say if you start blogging or making YouTube videos only for money, then after a few months, you may not get interested in writing or making videos. Because after a few months if your site not getting good traffic or unable to get good money then you may be thinking that the blogging or YouTube career may not be suitable for you. This is one of the reasons for the failure of many bloggers.

Many people don’t like to do a 9-6 job. They try to find some jobs which help them to earn some pocket money. If you search on the internet “How to earn money without investment” Then you will see many bloggers says about blogging life. They advise to do blogging as a part-time job and after some time you can quit your job. In India, people have started blogging since 2004 but blogging career becomes popular on2008. Most of the successful bloggers started their blog on or after 2008 in India.  Every day, approximately 2M blogs generate through worldwide. So it is not easy to get popular in a single month or 6 months. It may take time for your success. But if you can enjoy blogging or YouTube as a hobby, then you will get interested in your work.  Maybe you don’t need to think for a good job after completing your degree.

Yes, you can earn money in future by “starting a blog” or a YouTube channel but you have o work hard and enjoy as a hobby, not a money making tool. There are the reasons why you should starting a blog site early? Your comments are welcome.

Krishnendu Mandal
Optometrist, Blogger, Blogging since Jan 2016