Uncorrected astigmatism can reduce oral reading speed

Good morning parents. So many of us aware of the astigmatism power of the eye. The astigmatism power means cylindrical power eye. We need cylindrical power glass to achieve the maximum visual acuity. Generally, a small amount of refractive error not noticed by the person or ignore.   Children used to squeeze the eye to overcome the cylindrical power of the eye. Also, parents ignore the small amount of cylindrical number. But high amount of refractive error should not be ignored.

A recent study reported that uncorrected high astigmatism can reduce the reading speed. This study was published in the February issue of Optometry and Vision Science, the official journal of the American Academy of Optometry journal (Published by Wolters Kluwer).The study was done between 3rd and 8th-grade students. This study reported that the students with uncorrected high astigmatism had significantly decreased oral reading fluency, compared to low or moderate uncorrected astigmatism children. After using spectacle, they significantly improve reading speed. Nearly seven more words per minute they able to read. So children with high astigmatism should wear glasses full time.  

Not only astigmatism, previous few studies also reported that more than 1.25D refractive error also decrease mild reading speed. If your children reading speed are less and never gone for an eye checkup, then please make a consultation with an eye specialist.


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