How to select the best contact lens by self ?

Those who are thinking for wear contact lenses or already using contact lenses, most of them are sometimes getconfuse about the selection of contact lenses. Which modality  of contact lenses is suitable for your eyes? Especially parents are scared because of the adverse effects of contact lenses. If contact lenses are not good then it can harm our eyes. In the business, so many people try to sell expensive contact lens. Most of the patient wants to buy contact lenses as per practitioner’s prescription.But always you should the suitable contact lenses for your eye and requirements.


Before buy the contact lenses following questions should be clear in your minds- 1. When you need contact lenses? 2. How frequency you need contact lenses? 3. You want to wear it regular basis or occasionally? 4. How many hours you want to wear contact lenses? 5. Your professional requirement of contact lenses 6. Your contact lenses budget 7. Cosmetic reason for wearing contact lenses You clear your purpose for wearing contact lenses. Which modality contact lenses you need.

Daily disposable contact lenses:-                                                                                       

Also called one-day disposable lenses. These lenses are used only for one day. The lenses are suitable for those who want to for the occasional purpose like weekly or monthly once to twice or those who wants to use for any festival purpose. First time contact lens users, dry eye patients, and sports persons are suitable for daily disposable contact lenses. Advantages of daily disposable contact lenses are:-

A) Not much more headache for maintenance and cleaning

B) Chances of contact lens-related complications are very less

C) Those are not so responsible especially teenagers those who do not care about complications

D) Those that have history contact lens solution or material sensitivity

E) Daily disposable lenses have greater benefits of heavy depositors.

Brand Name of the lens Material Water content DK/T @ centre for 3.00D
Bausch & Lomb Biotrue Oneday Nesofilcon A 78% 42
   Daily disposable   59% 24
  Soflens daily disposable toric Hilafilcon B 59% 24
Johnson & Johnson Acuve Moist Etafilcon A 58% 23.8
  Oneday Acuve Etafilcon A 58% 25.5
Alcon Dalies Total1 Delfilcon A 33% 156
  Focus Dalies Toric Nelfilcon A 69% 26
  Dalies Aqua Comfort Plus Nelfilcon A 69% 26
  FRESHLOOK ONE-DAY COLOR Nelfilcon A 60% 26
Cooper Vision Clariti 1 day Somofilcon A 56% 86
  Clariti 1 day Toric Somofilcon A 56% 57
  Clarity 1 day multifocal (Sph) Somofilcon A 56% 86
  Frequency / ClearSight Ocufilcon B 52% 24
  Proclear 1 day Omafilcon A 60% 36.6
  Frequency 55 Multifocal Methafilcon A 55% 23.5
  Proclear 1 day Multifocal Omafilcon A 60% 28

alcon daily

Biweekly and Monthly disposable contact lenses:-

Bi-weekly disposable contact lenses are available in the hydrogel and silicon hydrogel material. Bi-weekly contact lenses mean the lenses should be disposed of every 2 weeks. Biweekly lenses are the greater choice for U.S.A people. Especially, people, those are not like monthly disposable contact lenses and have the tendency of heavy deposit but can use biweekly disposable contact lenses. These lenses are called extended wear lenses. These lenses need only simple cleaning and storage.

Brand Name of the lens Material Water content DK/T @ centre for 3.00D
Johnson & Johnson Acuve 2 Etafilcon A 58% 25.5
  Acuve oasys Senofilcon A 38% 147
  Acuve Oasys for Astigmatism Senofilcon A 38% 147
Cooper vision Avaira Enfilcon A 46% 125
  Biomedics Premier 55 UV Ocufilcon A 55% 28.1
  Biomedics XC Omaficon A 60% 44


soft lens Monthly Disposable Contact lenses:-

Monthly disposable lenses are replaced every monthly. Soft monthly disposable contact lenses are available in the hydrogel and silicon hydrogel material. Silicon hydrogel contact lenses are available in low and mid-water content materials. Silicon lenses are better choices for computer users and dry eye patients.

Brand Name of the lens Material Water content DK/T @ centre for 3.00D
Bausch & Lomb SL-59 Hilafilcon-B 59% 22
  SL-66 Toric Alphaphilcon A 66% 16
  Pure Vision-2 Balafilcon A 36% 130
  Pure Vision Toric Balafilcon A 36%                                            101&91
  Pure Vision-2 Toric Balafilcon A 36% 91
Cooper Vision Frequency 55      
  Frequency 55 AB      
  Frequency 55 Toric Methafilcon A 55% 15.7
  Frequency 55 Toric XR Methafilcon B 55% 15.7
  Biofinity Comfilcon A 48% 160
  Biofinity XR Comfilcon A 48% 160
Biofinity Energys Comfilcon A 48% 160
  Proclear Toric Omfilcon A 62% 30.9
  Proclear Toric XR Omfilcon A 59% 30.9
Alcon Focus Monthly Lotrafilcon A 24% 138
  Air Optix Aqua Lotrafilcon B 33% 138
  Air Optix Aqua Multifical Lotrafilcon B 33% 138
  Air Optix for Astigmatism Lotrafilcon B 33% 108
  Air Optix Night & Day Aqua Lotrafilcon A 24% 175
Air Optix color Lotrafilcon B 33% 138


Quarterly or yearly contact lenses:-                                                                     

Quarterly or yearly disposable contact lenses are not advice more because of complications. Complications are more with these types of lenses than other types of contact lenses. But Hard or semi-soft contact lenses are advice for the irregular cornea. A major reason behind that hard or semi-soft contact lenses has very fewer complications than soft contact lenses. Only advantages of yearly or quarterly soft contact lenses are less expensive for the whole year than other frequent disposable lenses. But these lenses have more complication than disposable contact lenses. Deposition over yearly soft contact lenses more and reduces oxygen permeability. Yearly disposable lenses cannot wear more than 8 hrs in a day. Chances of complications increase if you wear more than 8 hrs, especially redness in the eye and dryness. Optima-38 and Hydrasoft lenses are used for extended wear basis. Rose-k and other types of contact lenses are yearly disposable lenses.

Above list of contact lenses is just for information purpose. If you need contact lenses please consult with your eye physician. There are so many other contact lenses available in the market. Wear the contact lenses as per your eye physician recommendations. Most of the Johnson & Johnson contact lenses are UV rays protected. If you have much more work in outdoor then these lenses are better. As we know contact lenses are better for UV protection than glasses.    Toric lenses are prescribed for astigmatism power. Minimum 0.75 D Cyl power require for toric contact lenses. Soft toric lenses are available up to -2.75 D Cyl power on the regular basis. Special lenses are available for high cylinder lenses.

Semi-soft contact lenses or RGP (Rigid gas permeable) contact lenses are disposed on the yearly basis. Also, it totally depends on your eye and practitioners. Also, how you maintaining contact lenses. If the lenses become more scratch then require changing. Scratch lenses cause blurred vision also sometimes make scratches on the eye.

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