Tips for network marketing success

P.C- Network marketing

Network marketing also is known as a Multi-level Marketing (MLM) where you buy a contract or product from a company and sell them for the commission. MLM is basically a network which is work on commission basis. Success and failure both are there. If you talkative and if you have more ability power of leadership definitely you can win. When someone telling about multi-level marketing, its look like easy. Someone is telling about his dream and how he fulfill his dream. After listen to his speech we generally excited and try to do something. But when we are in the field work then understand the reality. It is one of the tough jobs. Most of the multi-level marketing started with two people those who will help you make a team. But once you explain someone about the policy then few of them laugh. The major reason behind that they may be the not belief or had a bad past experience. Remember smooth road never make a good driver. You have to work hard. Network marketing not to reach to one or two people. You have to reach so many people more than thousands. For success, you need to do hard work.

Few think always remember:-
  1. Know your product properly
  2. You should be confident about your product
  3. Day to day plan and make long-term plan
  4. Help your downline and associates
  5. Give training your associates and team on regular basis
  6. Don’t put pressure on anyone

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Few important tips:-
  1. Don’t give up: – initially, you can fill it is very tough. Remember success come with hard work. For long term success need very hard work. Nothing is easy in this world.
  2. Read more: – Good leaders are good readers. If you read more then only you can teach more. Read books like “ YOU CAN WIN” by Shiv Khera “RICH DAD, POOR DAD” by Robert Kiyosaki   “ “WAGON TO RICHES” By Mohit Sardana 
  3. Accept Rejection: – Rejection is very common and it’s come from your nearest one. Here you are like “orphan” and you have made your own path. Maybe your friends will not reply your whats app, messenger or call. But definitely, you will get someone who will give you the better business.
  4. Always you have a clear understanding your product and company. Why you join this company and what you want to do.
  5. You can do mouth marketing of your products. Try to meet in person better than explaining by phone if the person is near to you.
  6. Tell your associates about your dream and also help then to fulfill their dream. Always your should be emotionally connected with your dreams.
  7. Post your add on social media like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin etc. Social media is the cheapest way to add your products. Make a page or group for your business at social media. 
              Arise, awake, and stop not to till the goal reached”  – by Swami Vivekananda

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  1. Thanks..for a very inspiring article. It motivate and show a path for those who are active in smartphone and social media. It helps to earn money beyond a very traditional way and arise your inner leadership power.Those who are interested can take a kick-start.

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