Tips for running a successful optometry practice and eye wear business

These two websites can help you to build a successful optometry practice and eye wear business?

Marketing and selling both are important for running a successful optometry practice and eye wear business. If you are an optometrist and full-time involved in your private Eyecare and optical business, then you must need regular patients or customers. Good quality of services and good products with reasonable cost helps to grow the long-term success of your eye wear business. There are several ways of marketing and grow your eye wear business but verbal communication and referral through relatives is the best way to get regular patients while your services are satisfactory to customers. Most of the cases, verbal communication, and referrals from a family member are the almost free of cost. But you need to pay money if you promote your business through advertising through cable media, a local newspaper, and tv channel.

Websites for promoting your business freely and making a successful optometry practice:-

Big optical retailer spends lots of money on online marketing. But for new small scale business and especially when you have only 1 or 2 shops, then you need to market locally.

Practo: –  

Many optometrists added their profile at You register freely. Practo website helps someone to find a health care specialist near to their area. If you search on Google “ optometrist near Kolkata or your city”, then you will see practo is top of the page.  Many people prefer to search doctor online because it can save timing.Here you can enter your fees, multiple clinic addresses and which date you are available on the particular clinic. Also, you can show your area of specialization to a patient.



This website also similar to the previous website. You can add your profile and practice details here. You can add all your optometry practice profiles like eye exam cost, specialization, available date etc. Also, you can start an online consultancy through this website.

Hope these two websites will help you to get more patients from your nearest area, as well as helps some to get health consultant locally.

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