Kerasoft contact lenses for irregular cornea

What is Kerasoft® IC lens?

Kerasoft name sounds like Kera+soft. It is like soft contact lenses for cornea keratoconus. But the actual name is Kerasoft IC that means the soft contact lenses for the irregular cornea. Kerasoft-IC is a customizable lens with lathe cut design and silicon hydrogel material provided by Bausch & Lomb (1). It is a front surface toric lens. The lenses can be used for

  • Keratoconus
  • Pellucid marginal corneal degeneration (PMCD)
  • Post-LASIK ectasia
  • Post CXL (Corneal collagen cross-linking)
  • Post corneal graft or penetrating keratoplasty
  • Post INTACS/ICRS (Intrastromal corneal ring surface)
  • Keratoglobus

The Kerasoft IC lens design is aspheric design with a modifiable peripheral design. So chances of comfort are more with this lens because the periphery of the lens can make flat or steep as per requirements. So the lenses can be modified as per every individual. Kerasoft IC contact lens is also available in hydrogel material with 77% water content manufactured by Ultra vision.

Who are the suitable candidates of Kerasoft® lens?

Already I have mentioned about the indications of kerasoft lenses. Apart from that those who are not comfortable with hard lenses or Rgp lenses due to foreign body sensation and other types of discomfort with lenses. Thos who are using Piggyback contact lenses (Hard or semi-soft lenses over soft contact lenses). Those who developed corneal warpage due to long-term gas permeable (GP), Kerasoft IC is the best option for the transition of lens wear without discontinue to wear the lens. That means you can wear alternative of GP lens and enjoy your vision.

How many hours’ Kerasoft® IC lenses can be wear?

Approximately 18 hours daily (1).

What are water contents on Kerasoft® IC lenses?

74% water content with DK of 60 manufactured by Bausch & Lomb (1)

77% water content with DK of 53 manufactured by Ultra vision

What is the material use for Kerasoft® IC lens?

Efrofilcon A by Bausch & Lomb

Filcon II by Ultra vision

How often should the lens be replaced?

Quarterly Bausch & Lomb and yearly another one.

What are the available parameters of Kerasoft® IC?

Overall diameter – 14.00 mm – 15.50 mm with 0.50mm steps

Base curve – 7.40 to 9.40 mm with 0.20mm steps

What is the power range of Kerasoft® IC lens?

Bausch & Lomb Kerasoft IC

Sphere – +/- 20.00DS

Cyl –  -0.50 D to -12.00DC / Axis 1 to 180 degree

Ultra vision Kerasoft IC

Sphere – +/- 30.00DS

Cyl up to  -15.00DC / Axis 1 to 180 degree

What solution can be used for cleaning and storage of lens?

Soft Multi-purpose solution (Mps).

What are the other types of custom keratoconus soft design available?

  • HydroKone (Visionary Optics)
  • NovaKone (Alden Optical)
  • Flexlens Keratoconus (X-Cel)
  • Soft K (Accu Lens, Advanced Vision Technologies, & Strategic Lens Innovations Corp. [SLIC])
  • Continental Kone (Continental Soft Lens)
  • Keratoconus lens (Gelflex) • Soflex (Orion Vision Group)
  • Ocu-Flex K (Ocu-Ease, Optech)
  • UCL-55 (United Contact Lens)
  • Flexlens Keratoconus (X-Cel)

There are several designs of soft lens available in the market.

What are the complications of Kerasoft® IC lens?

Complications are like hypoxia and other soft lens-related complications. But hypoxia-related complication was seen very rarely.  Long-term studies till now not reported.


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