Which types daily disposable contact lenses are good for eyes?

Silicon Hydrogel (SiHy) or Hydrogel (Hy) Dailly disposable contact lenses: which one is more good for eyes? Daily disposable (DD) lenses are healthier for eyes than monthly disposable contact lenses. Major causes of prescribing DD are for reducing infections, exposure to contaminated lens cases and deposit related complications. Also, it is well known that contact lenses made by Silicon hydrogel (SiHy) material are superior for eye-health than normal Hydrogel lenses material. Approximately SiHy passes five times more oxygen than normal hydrogel lenses which causes less hyperemia. But which types of daily disposable contact lenses will be better for eyes?

Recently a study published in “Eye & Contact Lens” journal with the title of “Comparison of Silicone Hydrogel and Hydrogel Daily Disposable Contact Lenses”. The study was done with approximately 40 participants. The SiHy materials were delefilcon A, somofilcon A and narafilcon A. Market available following material contact lenses are

Delefilcon A– Alcon, Dalies Total-1 Somofilcon A– Cooper Vision, Clarity 1 day Narafilcon A– Johnson &Johnson,1-day Acuvue True Eye 

Daily disposable contact lenses Dalies Total 1

Study included hydrogel material are omafilcon A and nelfilcon A. Market available following material contact lenses are-

Omafilcon A– CooperVision, Proclear Nelfilcon A– Ciba Vision daily AquaComfort plus

This study result found that comfort level of both types lenses was same for the whole day from wearing time to end of the day. Also, complication rate like corneal infiltrate was same for both types of lens. But the previous study reported that Narafilcon A material lenses provided better comfort than Nelfilcon A. Also, limbal hyperemia is less with Narafilcon A.

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By this study, SiHy daily disposable contact lenses and Hydrogel lenses are equally good for eyes. Both material lenses are providing same comfort level whole day. So the selection of lens is totally patient choice. It totally depends on patient budget and practitioner’s choice. But clinically Silicon hydrogel contact lenses better for the patient because of less hypoxia-related complications. As a practitioner view, silicon hydrogel is superior choice than hydrogel lenses. As a patient any types of lens you can use.

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Reference:- http://journals.lww.com/claojournal/Abstract/publishahead/Comparison_of_Silicone_Hydrogel_and_Hydrogel_Daily.99381.aspx

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