What are the good sales techniques and new ideas for more frame sales?

A Few sales tips and techniques for optical retail business-

A few things you need to maintain for long term success in your business. First of all, you need to plan a good marketing strategy that meets the needs and requirements of customers. Recently I was discussing optical business with a friend. He told me that if your optical store location is in a good place then you will get very good patients for first six months. But after that, the number of customers will be less. That means the customer flow will not be equal for a whole year. For more revenue and continue success in your business, you need to get continue customers. For that, you need good sales techniques as well as a proper strategy for your business.

Remember social media marketing is playing an important role in the success of online business. Online merchandising is not face to face business. But Offline business depends on several factors like public relation, local advertisement, trained staff, the engagement of the local community, sponsorship etc. A good website and social media marketing are important if you have many optical stores. If you want to be a successful optical businessman then you should not lose your old customer as well you have to bring new clients. As offline business is face to face business, your personal relationship with customers should be very good for a heart to heart connection. A proper marketing, quality of services, good quality of products and new ideas for optical sales plays a major role in successful business. Many ways you can increase your sales and revenue of the business.

Here the few sales tips and techniques:- First of all, you should remove all negative points from your shop. All negative points should be converted to positive points like:-
  • Accept check, debit & credit card
  • At least 50% cash while booking
  • No credit
  • No close on holidays & weekends
  • No returns once sold
  • Every frame should be warranty on manufacturing defects and color for 6 months or one year
Proper knowledge about the products

Product knowledge is very much important for selling. Knowledge and confidence both are important for success in business. In my previous blog, I mentioned few sales tips and techniques about optical business and different marketing policy of optical shop.  Remember a good relationship between internal staff and customer is very important. Good behavior always makes a long-term relationship with customers. Proper training of internal staff and salesman is important to boost your business. Your staff should know your selling point and goal of business.If you are an Optometrist or Ophthalmologist as well as a shop owner, then your salesman should be well trained. Something you explained inside the clinic and some other things your sales person explained outside the clinic then your patient will be confused. Always there should be an understanding between Eyecare practitioners and salesman.  The well-disciplined staff, as well as sound communication between internal members, can only progress business. Give proper training to your employees about products and regularly teach them about sales tips and techniques.

Ask few questions to your customers regarding their lifestyle and depends on that you can explain about the advantages of ARC coatings, UV coatings, Transition lenses, Progressive lenses, Polarized lenses etc.Sales tips and techniques for optical shop A well-trained optician or salesman can explain better about a product and the importance of that in our daily life. Sometimes doctor mentioned about Arc and photochromic lenses on prescriptions, but trained staff can explain the importance of those things. Even sometimes optician advice helps to a customer for buying the extra service Arc and UV coatings on the lenses. A photochromic lens or UV protective lens help protect our eyes from harmful UV rays which cause Pterygium, early cataract, Photokeratitis etc. A zero power ARC, Blue coating or Photochromic lens can be used in our daily life for protecting our eyes from injury, harmful UV rays, and harmful blue rays. How to approach parents?

Parents always want to spend money for their children’s health. If a doctor, not advice for glasses, but your salesman can approach them for sunglasses at summer season or anti-reflective zero power glasses for safety purpose. A Plano power ARC glass not only works for glare protections also helps to protect our eyes from dust.

Polycarbonate lens is most impact resistant lens material (Approximately 10 times than plastic or glass material) for eye safety. It is the best for the child’s eyes. Though the lens is expensive, but lighter in weight and provides 100% protection against harmful UV rays.

Employee satisfaction:-

Offer a good commission for your employee. If you offer a good incentive to your salesman, they will get more interest in their work.

Modified eye camp policy and more social work:-

Eye camp at a local school or local area is a traditional way of marketing your business. It’s not only marketing your optical, also a great step to prevention of avoidable blindness. This is an old but effective technique. When you start an optical then you need to do something new which can attract people. You can do the same thing, but another way. Marketing plays an important role to boost your business. Remember education is a big weapon in the healthcare business. Arrange an educational program to school about cleaning spectacle and offer a cleaning solution kit freely. Also, inform school teachers about the importance of polycarbonate lenses and UV protection of the eyes. It will increase the popularity of your optical as well as future sales of your optics.

If you want to expand your contact lens practice, then you should target local school and college students. Though eye camp or awareness program you can teach students and parents of the importance of contact lenses. Initially, you can offer them a trial, contact lens kit.

Also, you can do industrial eye camp as well sell frames on camp.

Social activity other than eye camp:-

Try to increase awareness about glaucoma, cataract, diabetic retinopathy,  etc to common people at your local area. Organize a walk or marathon program on world Glaucoma week, World diabetes day, etc.  It will increase public awareness about various eye diseases and popularity of your shop.

 Referrals from patients:-

Suppose monthly 200 patients come to your optical. If you are given a discount card for their family member then they must refer their family, friends to your optical. If 200 patients refer five family friends to your optical in six months, then it will be new 1000 patients.

 Sunglasses sales techniques:-

Ask customer which types of sunglasses they want to use. Are they interested in any specific design?  They need only black sunglasses or including UV protection and Polarized sunglasses. Explain about the good quality and important features of good sunglasses. Also, tell about the disadvantages of black glasses without UV coating. Keep polarized tester and show them the difference between polarized and non-polarized sunglasses. While showing luxurious brand sunglasses, tell your customer about a celebrity who wear that particular luxury brand sunglass. A sunglasses or Plano protective glass is recommended for outdoor activity while contact lenses are on. Females like good looking sunglasses over contact lenses while going outdoors. You can give some extra discount if someone buys contact lenses and sunglasses together. What are the problems for selling sunglasses?
  • The customer often compares with roadside sunglasses
  • If your shop is not very popular then customer thinking about the quality of sunglasses. Maybe the sunglasses are fake?
  • Are they 100% UV protected?
How you can overcome those negative issues?
  • Keep sunglasses which are written 100% protection
  • Keep polarize tester and tell your customer about the difference between polarized and non-polarized sunglasses
  • Be honest because many customers don’t like to use products that made from China

If the sunglasses are not by popular brands, then use your own logo and brand name. Maybe it will little bit expensive, but you will get lots of advantages. If some other optical sell same frame with low price, then you can lose your customer in the future or customer can think that you are a cheater. But if you use your own logo or brand for the same product, the price competition will be very less. Also customer not able to say that your product is available at the roadside or less price at another place.

Free frame repair service:-

Many customers come to your shop for repair old frame. You can offer them free repair service at the same time show them a new collection of frames. Many people use same spectacle frame for 4-5 years. Tell them that you have a low budget frame with good quality.  Of course, ask them when they checked their eyes last time. If more than 1.5 to 2 years, then explain them the importance of yearly eye checks up.

Sale and discount:- Your discount and offer should be good and something like customer wants badly. The season and festival offer should be very attractive and unique from other opticals. Even you can special discount for some specific days like valentine day, women’s day, children day etc.   Weekend sales discount: – Most of the shopping malls get a good number of customers at the weekend. If your shop is under any big shopping mall, then you must think for the weekend discount for contact lenses and sunglasses. Grow an email list of customers:- Collect customers email address and send an email to all customers while new offers will start. Also send an email on their birthday, anniversary, etc. Send an email or call your customers for a yearly eye check up.  A small reminder will help you to get back your old customers on time. There are many other ways that can increase your sales. Please comment below for other sales tips and techniques for more frames and lenses sales in the optical shop.  

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