Relation between drinking coffee and risk factor of glaucoma

Good morning everyone….. Coffee work as a morning booster in our life.  Not only morning, we drink coffee have several times in a day like before start work, coffee break in office, afternoon, evening timed etc.  Of course, coffee has lots of health benefits in our life but is there any relation between drinking coffee and risk factor of glaucoma develop?  
Relation between drinking coffee and risk factor of glaucoma
Health benefits of Coffee
  There are also few side effects of drinking excessive coffee. Few studies reported that excessive intake of caffeinated beverages, especially coffee can increase the pressure of the eye (Intraocular pressure-IOP). Researchers Li M et al reported that normal people don’t have effects of intake excessive caffeine beverages but increase IOP significantly for patients with glaucoma or OHT (Ocular hypertension). Also before this study, The Blue Mountains Eye study reported that the glaucoma patient those who are taking approximately 200mg or more caffeine beverages have more IOP than normal people. The exact relationship between consume excessive coffee and increase intraocular pressure is still unknown. But many studies reported that excessive intake coffee increases the homocysteine (Hcy) levels in our body. Hcy levels in the tear film, aqueous humor and in plasma are consistently increased in exfoliation glaucoma patients compared to normal patients. Elevated Hcy levels may increase the exfoliation materials in glaucoma patients. Of course, most of the study reported that risk factor of glaucoma or increased IOP is more in women and there is a strong relation with existing glaucoma patient or family history of glaucoma.  Risk factor of glaucoma There are lots of health benefits of drinking coffee but we need to consume caffeine in a limit. We should not take more than six cups coffee or more than 150mg in a day. Because excessive intake has some disadvantages as well as a risk of increase IOP for open-angle glaucoma patients or those who have a family history of glaucoma.

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