Reduce eye strain, dryness and tiredness of eyes without medicine

Good morning friends. Today I will discuss some products that can help you to reduce eye strain. I have seen so many patients are complaining about eye strain, heaviness and tiredness of the eyes at the end of the day. Most of the people are suffering from various symptoms related to the computer vision syndrome (CVS). As per “The Newyork Times” worldwide, up to 70 million people are at the risk of CVS. Blinking and lubricant eye drops are the standardized treatment for this issue. Most of the practitioner advice 20-20-20 rule and a good lubricants eye drop. But very few people follows the guidelines properly. Most of the time they forgot to carries the eye drops or blinking while working with computer or mobile. Some of them forgot to use eye drops before sleeping. But many patients don’t want to use any kinds of eye drop in their eyes. Most of the people want some natural treatment which can help to sleep them better and feel more cooling effects on the eyes and surrounded area. I hope these products will help you to reduce tiredness of eyes as well as a headache and dryness of eyes.


YogaHealthMart Relaxing Gel Eye Mask with Strap-on Velcro | Cooling Relaxation for Tired Eyes and reduce eye strain

This is a type of mask which is filling with gel. It can be used at room temperature as well as refrigerated. It is recommended for those who have dry eye, puffy eyes, and fatigue eye condition. It relieves the tiredness of eyes, headache, and insomnia. Not only eyes also help to feel cool all over the face. It is best if you use at bedtime and before that keep it in the refrigerator at least for an hour. You can use this product for the whole night.


Breo iSee 180 Eye Massager

beieo-1 for reduce eye strain
  • It improves the blood circulation surround the eye
  • Provides up to nine levels of vibration to massage the area around the eyes
  • It relieves eye strain
  • Help for stress-free sleep
  • Music player available with this


Breo iSee 360 Eye Massager helps reduce eye strain:-

  • Helps to reduce eye strain
  • Helps to reduce a headache and migraine headache
  • People those who have facial paralyze they can also use
  • It improves the blood circulation surround the eye
  • 3 unique message choice with individual settings

Breo isee

Breo iDream3S Head-Eye Massager With In-Built Relaxation Music System For Stress Relief

It is a great relaxation device which helps to reduce a headache as well as eye strain. The head massager uses hot infrared compression messaging technology with intelligent air, vibration and pressure point massage to serve the head & ocular areas. It has individual touch button for head and eye massager. It has music player also so you will not be distracted while taking the message. It helps for better sleep at night.
HiphopUnder Eye Pads 

These pads are placed under the eyes to reduce the puffiness and dark circle surrounds the eyeball. It helps to moisturize and nourishes the skin under the eye. Those who have dark circle under the eyes they can try this. It can help to get the glow back of your face and eyes. It comes with Aloe vera gel. Men and women both can be used. hiphop

  1. Clean your face properly and dry it with soft towel
  2. Remove the breathable patch from the packet and place under the eye
  3. Remove them after15-20 minutes
  4. After removing the patches, apply soothing gel to the particular area.
  1. Only for external use
  2. Don’t put the gel inside of the eye
  3. If got redness or irritation then don’t use and wash properly with water.
  4. Keep away from children
Note: – There are several products are available in the market. Amazon is now one of the best online selling company in India. These products can help you an alternate way to relax your eyes from tiredness.

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  4. Eye strain is a common problem today. It can happen for a number of reasons. These are very useful techniques for eyes strain. Gel mask is great for getting rid of this problem. I have been using this product for years and love it.

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