Dark spot on nose from spectacle can be avoid easily

Though spectacle offers clear vision and looks stylish too, many people avoid it because of impression marks or dark spot on nose. Especially females want to avoid spectacle for cosmetic reason. This cosmetic reason is not only for the look, also for the mark on the nose. Initially, the mark is lighter but future it becomes darker. The skin becomes darker because of hyperpigmentation on skin. So how we will get rid of this problem? First of all use contact lenses to avoid the dark spot nose. Those who not like contact lenses, they can use for office time and at the home they can use spectacles. But  contact lenses are not suitable for everyone. Also, it is a problem for those who want to use contact lenses for occasional basis. Because dark spot indicates that she is a regular spectacles wearer. Those who are regularly wearing spectacle they need to take care of the selecting frames and lenses. Today I will discuss the selection of frames and lenses to avoid or less mark on the nose. Also, I will discuss “How to remove the marks?.”

Selecting Frame:- Frame should be lighter in weight because heavy frame makes more impression on the nose. Heavy frame nose pads put more pressure on the touching area of the nose.

Plastic frames are lighter than the metal frame. Zyl (Zylonite) is extremely light weight plastic material. Cellulose acetate propionate is also a hypoallergic less weight material. Not all metal frames are heavy. Titanium and beta-titanium are also lightweight, strong and durable material for making spectacle frame.

Half frames and rimless frames are lesser weight than full frame


Frames without nose pads make less impression nose.

Frame without nose pads

If you like frames with nose pads then keep another frame without nose pads and rotate between them.

Frame with nose pads can make dark spot on nose
Frame with nose pads

Lens selection:-

We all know that plastic is lighter than glass. Plastic lenses are much better than glass lenses and they are less breakable. High refractive index glasses are lighter in weight and cosmetically better. High index lens means thinner lens and more comfortable for the wearer. If the spectacle power is more than +/- 2.00 D then it is better to use high index lenses. Polycarbonate lenses are higher index lenses and they are less breakable. Also, polycarbonate lenses 100% UV rays.

What is the natural way to remove or avoided the dark spot on the nose?

 Clean your face minimum 2 times daily with face wash.  After that use some moisturizer, so the skin will not be dry and pigmentation, will be less.


Apply any petroleum gel-like Vaseline on the particular area. Also, dark spot reduction creams are helpful.


Rub the affected area with any one of following things – slice potato, cucumber or tomato. Another way you can do it like mixed juice all three of them and apply over the affected area. For better result take some cotton and dipped it into juice and apply on the affected area. Minimum keep it for 15 minutes. After that wash it and wipe gently with a soft towel.

cucumber apply on dark spot
Apply cucumber on dark spot on nose

Aloe Vera juice or gel is very soothing to the skin. Fresh Aloe Vera juice or gel apply on your skin and wait until it’s become dry. Clean your face with cold water after10-15 minutes. Aloe Vera helps a lot to remove the scar from skin. Do it 2-3 times daily.


We know apple cider vinegar is good for health. Dilute apple cider vinegar with the same amount of water and apply them on the nose. Do message with the solution for 5-10 minutes. It will help to fade out the scar marks over the nose.

Lemon juice also works for same. Extract some amount of lemon juice then mixed few drops of water and apply over the affected area of the nose.

Honey and milk are good for help. Combine honey, milk and oats help a lot to remove the scar.

Mixed buttermilk and tomato juice (Half amount of buttermilk) together. Apply the mixture over the affected area and wash it after 15 minutes.

Make a thick paste of little turmeric, milk, and lemon juice. After that apply that on affected area and wash after 15-20 minutes with lukewarm water. It also helps to reduce dark spot on nose.

There are several other ways also available for reducing black spectacle impression marks on the nose. These are the easy and effective way to reduce the dark spot on nose. These procedures are easy and  inexpensive.

Krishnendu Mandal
Optometrist, Blogger, Blogging since Jan 2016