Pros and cons of buying medical glasses from online

I accept been using spectacle since my childhood. Spectacle does not only provide clearer and sharper vision, it also enhances style too. Hence, many people using spectacle for gorgeous looks and better personality. At regular intervals or year, I change my glass with new looks. Continuously I went by a nearby optical shop for another glass. however, I have to see more than one shop to get right and new fashionable spectacle. It’s additionally costly and time-consumingthan purchase glasses from online.

I can buy new design glasses from online with low cost. So many products are available with varieties of the invention. Branded frames like Zeiss, Luxottica, Vogue, Carrera, Ray-Ban, Adidas, Cartier, Lee Cooper, Stepper, Killer, Allen Solly, Gucci, Mou-Jim, Boss Orange, Tomford, Boss by Hugo Boss, Oakley etc. are less cost than local optical shop. Not just that, a large portion of the online organizations is putting forth a home trial arrangement that implies you can choose the best possible and comfortable frame for you. Advantages are like an optical shop with more merchandise and less cost. Most of the online company follows the 7 to30-day return and guaranteed money back policies. Like hardware a decent, few individuals take after the client audit online, and relies on upon the survey they select the item. At first, I feel this is exceptionally alluring and beneficial arrangement. However, benefit at what cost?

How most of the India company offers for spectacle?

Few of the companies offer free eye test at home. That implies optometrist will go to your home and test your visual acuity, IPD (Inter Pupillary Distance), SH (Segment Height) etc. You can select 10, 20 or more frames and the company individuals will bring the frame in your home. From that, you can select the proper and best frame. This is a kind of mobile/versatile Eyecare. For progressive and bifocal glasses measurements are very important. So the mobile dispensing services are helpful and effective.

What are the drawbacks when you buy prescription glasses from online?

But mobile dispensing services are not available in urban, semi-urban, village and not remote area. Few companies offer spectacle along with lenses. You can order directly spectacle with medical glasses from online. One of my friends told few online companies are offering that you can order 4-5 frames at a time and select the frame which is properly fitted to you. After that, you can order the lenses. In that case, you have to upload the prescription or manually enter the power of lenses. For Bifocal and Progressive lenses manually enter the power of glasses may not be always correct. Because optometrists or ophthalmologists are utilizing two diverse written work method for recommending glasses. It would be ideal if you see the beneath prescriptions writing pattern commonly followed by Eyecare practitioners.


DistanceRight+0.50 -59
Left+0.50 -

Right+2.00 -57
Left+2.00 -


DistanceRight+0.50 -59
Left+0.50 -
Right+1.50 -57
Left+1.50 -

In both prescriptions distance and near power are same, but if someone doesn’t know about this then the glasses power will be incorrect for near in case of prescription 2. For this reason, always need to upload prescription when buy glasses from online and someone should check properly before the glass made. A non-medical person may be unaware of the condition.

Comfortable frame: – The most important thing is frame should be suitable for your face. Too large frame or if the nasal bridge doesn’t fit properly with your face then it can slip. Similarly, you can feel pain behind the ear or uncomfortable on the nose due to small frame. An improper frame may give you an extra headache. Experience optometrist or optician can guide you about the frame suitability on your face and any problem after the lens inserted in frame in case of strong prescription.

Improper power: A standout amongst the most imperative thing about glasses that right power. Make sure that the power of glasses is correct as per your prescriptions. Wrong power can be causes of a headache, blurred vision, double vision etc. Unfortunately, India doesn’t have any specific rules and regulation or safety measurement procedure for online selling glasses. Better to consult your optometrist that the power of your new glasses is correct or not. Sometimes people don’t consult with their optometrist or optician as they not purchase glass from them. It has a huge impact on the personal relation between customer and optician or optometrist.

Segment Height (SH)  It is also called seg height. It is the vertical distance between top lined of a line bifocal and bottom of the lens of the frame. For the progressive lens, it is the distance between of the lens of frames to the beginning of the progressive addition of the progressive lens. It quantifies in millimeters. It plays an important role for bifocal and progressive lenses. For progressive lenses, it measures from center of the eyes. Center of the eyes and the center of the lens should coincide each other for progressive lenses.

Bifocal glass
Marking will not be be done while buy glasses from online
Bifocal marking and problem

Figure1.A shows the marking of bifocal glass is correct in the right eye. Few practitioners told bifocal addition will be same of the lower eyelid edge margin and few practitioners take 2 mm down from the lower lid edge margin. Figure1.B demonstrating the SH will be moved down and the wearer needs to hold up the glasses while perusing close or doing close work (Figure1.D). Figure1.C shows the marking of right eye bifocal is little shifted up than the margin of the lower eyelid. So, in this case, wearers can feel little difficult to walk or while looking for intermediate distance.

Inter Pupillary Distance (I.P.D) – IPD is the distance between the centers of the pupils of the two eyes. It obviously determines the stereo separation of the two images which are combined in the brain to produce stereo perception. A PD measurement is a part of dispensing the service. Distance and near both PD measurement is important for dispensing progressive glasses. PD and the SH (Segment Height) are the key measurements for bifocal and progressive or multifocal lenses. Both of these determine where the multifocal lens will be oriented in the medical frame to provide you proper vision. The wrong PD of multifocal lenses can cause blurred vision for distance, near, or intermediate vision. It can be causes of overall blurred vision and can reduce your quality of life. 

Changes of distance and near vision zone with center of glass and eye

Not only SH and PD are important, other things like pantoscopic tilt, facial wrap also important. Proper frame with a proper design of progressive glass improves vision quality and daily living activity a lot. Experience optometrist and optician can suggest you the proper types of glasses. For the higher refractive error the design and curve of the lenses important for a cosmetic reason. If your refractive error is high and for the low cost you order low Refractive Index (RI) glasses, then the edge of the glasses will be thick. This may be cosmetically uncomfortable for you. The experienced optometrist or optician can tell you the proper refractive index and design of old glass. If you order spectacle without knowing all of this matter, you can receive the improper glasses from online which may not be good for you.

Tint of the lenses: – It is better to avoid tinted medical glass order through online. If you are sure about the tint color and percentages of tint then only you can take the risk. If you are a first time user then be careful because maybe that tint not suited you. Improper tinted glass can reduce the quality of vision.

Anti-reflection coatings and Photochromic lenses: – Your optician or optometrist can explain you better about anti-reflection coatings. Also, the types of coatings like single-coat or multicoat. Which company coating is better and in your budget. Zeiss and Crizal coatings are most of the practitioners choice. They can guide you better quality with your budget. Another most important things whether you need photochromatic glass or not? Depends on your requirements optometrist or optician can suggest you the lenses.

So whenever you order the new glasses then few things you check properly-

  • Ensure that frame shape and size are suitable for your face
  • The color of the frame is good for looking
  • The material of frame and lenses should be good. Plastic or metal both frames are good but remember the material should be hypo-allergic
  • The frame should be light weight
  • Frame with adjustable nose pads always better for bifocal or progressive glass because it allows small fitting height adjustment later
  • Ensure at least 7 degrees or more of pantoscopic
  • Ensure a sufficient amount of facial-form wrap
  • Pantoscopic tilt, facial wrap, nose pad adjusts all to be done before take marking of PD in case of bifocal progressive glass
  • Polycarbonate frame and lens materials are very good. Make sure that your polycarbonate lens is scratch proof

So proper and adequate knowledge is important to buy medical glasses from online. Without knowledge, if you order lenses online, then you can lose your lens cost. Always there is a risk of reducing the quality of life while you buy medical glasses from online. An optician or optometrist can dispense better spectacle for you than online.

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