Jobs that need perfect eyesight and colour vision

Good vision is important for everyone. But few jobs required a perfect vision for distance and near. Perfect vision means the vision will be 20/20 for distance and N5 or N6 for near vision. Not only distance and near vision, also the person should not be suffering from any kinds of Colour blindness, Night blindness, and the Binocular vision should be good. A profession like Army, Navy, and Air Force need perfect vision for entering the job. If your vision is not perfect then you will be unfit for those services. Also, firefighter service, Air Traffic Controller, and Police service need the perfect vision as well as the colour vision for the job.

Retina examination should be done by the Ophthalmoscope. An ophthalmoscope is an instrument which are used to check retina. Pathological myopia is unfit for NDA service. NDA (National Defence Academy) applicants’ candidates will be required to give certificates for the absence of night blindness.

Below the table is the vision standard requirement and maximum refractive allow  for the  Indian defense service


[PL -ve  means No perception of light, also write as NPL. It also known as blind eye]

The refractive error should not be more than +/- 3.00 D for commercial pilot. They can wear low water content contact lenses and the color vision will be normal.

Near Vision and colour vision and binocular vision

profession-near Near vision J1, J2, J3 means the vision is measured by Jaeger eye chart where J1 is the smallest and J11 is the largest. J2 consider is the normal vision and it usually measures from 12- 14 inches distance.

Colour Blind person is not fit for above jobs. Colour vision is measured by Ishihara chart and Farnsworth-Munsell 100 Hue or D15 test. CP – III means able to recognize white, red and green signal colours correctly as shown by Martin’s Lantern at 1.5 meters. CP – III or higher color vision required for Indian Army, Air force, and Navy. In, India colour vision judged by Martin’s Lantern test. Candidate must able recognize red and green color. Color vision limit of defense is CP-1.   To know more about this please click the link

Eligible criteria for post-Lasik candidates

  • Age must 20 years for above professions
  • The power will be stable for one year
  • Candidate can be applying after one year of Lasik surgery
  • Post-surgical corneal thickness should not be less than 450 microns
  • Pre-Lasik power should not be more than 6.00 D
  • Axial length of the eye should be <25mm by IOL master or A-Scan
  • Candidates who are undergone any kinds of refractive surgery like Lasik, PRK (Photorefractive keratectomy ), RK (Radial Keratectomy) are unfit for any kinds of air force job

Binocular Vision:-

Binocular vision should be good for Indian Air Force. Required fusion and stereopsis with good amplitude and depth.

For Indian Air force, any kinds of manifest squint are unfit for the service. Latent squint is measured by the Maddox Rod and Cover test.

For distance, the measured value should not be more than

  • Exophoria and Esophoria 6.00 prism Diopters
  • Hyper and Hypophoria 1.00 prism Diopters

For near 33 cm

  • Exophoria 16.00 Prism Diopters
  • Esophoria 6.00 Prism Diopters
  • Hyper and Hypophoria 1.00 prism Diopters


Above data are collected from various website and blogs. If anyone to know more about this then please read the links and website of the particular job.

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