Optometry students internship selection guide

My experience and suggestion about students fourth-year optometry internship

I hope all of are known about optometry profession those who are reading this article. This article is basically a message for optometry students those who are doing Bachelor of Optometry courses in India. All students aware about the internship at the fourth year which should be chosen very carefully because it plays a major role for the career. Many Optometry College doesn’t have own hospital and generally, they are attached some hospital or doctors clinic. Most of the time my teachers used to tell that good marks are important to get an internship at a good place. But few universities in India don’t have any regulation about the internship.

optometry-poster I remember “Bausch & Lomb” company first came for interview selection at our college campus. They selected two students for the internship program with the stipend. This is actual a kind of marketing job, so if someone is interested only marketing then definitely they can go for this kind of internship. Between 2 guys one of then came back clinical sector for 6 months internship which was a good decision. Personally, I feel this type of internship actually a kind of low budget employee to any organization. Optometry students should select internship at the clinical sector. Future anybody can move to marketing sector. The major reason to join marketing sector is salary is better than the clinical sector. But in future, if someone opens own practice then without clinical knowledge it is not possible.

                        Internship is the best learning period for Optometry students

I think every student should visit few hospitals nearby to know about the internship program and infrastructure of the hospital.  Also, they can discuss with seniors or college faculties. I did my internship at Dr. Agarwal Eye Hospital, Chennai. I feel if someone wants to be the expert of handling instruments then this hospital will be the better choice. Within 2-3 days they allow students to handle the instruments. This is good but side by side someone is there for guide and teaching. Whole day practical is helpful when to learn something about disease or condition. Obviously, self-learning is the best thing but somebody should be there for teaching students. I was very happy there but suddenly everything turned darken while I meet a Perimetrist (Person who is expert in using Perimeter) after 2 years at L.V.Prasad Eye Institute. He is not from the medical education background. That time I realize that able to use instruments is not a big deal, knowledge is more important. The internship is a practical learning period so learning is important. Every student should take it seriously and this is the best time for learning.  It is true that intern student means a type of free or low budget employee. So when you are providing free labor then try to learn something from there.

As an Optometry student, I never saw my mistakes in refraction because the final test was done by the senior doctor. At the end of the day, we were always in rush to go back room rather than seeing the patient files and mistakes of own refraction.

So many hospitals have the internship program at rotation basis. It is that the students will be posted at various branches of the same organization. I was very happy when posted at a rural branch because no more wake up at morning 6.30 am and join the class at 7 am. I continued at the same branch another 6months. But ultimately I missed the fun with friends as well as learn new things. Generally, big chain eye hospitals have all facility at the main branch of a particular city and peripheral branches are providing the refraction and cataract surgery. Most of the main branches of the big hospital in India have lots of instruments and various departments. Good hospitals those who are always planning for provided proper education of their intern students they always have the proper educational plan.

One thing every student should understand that switching the career from clinical to marketing is much easier than the opposite direction. Most of the Optometry school those are not directly with any hospitals, they always try to give 100% internship and few companies want to use that for their profit. But the student should take the right decision for their career. Before joining any organization for the internship should think and judge them properly. There are so many hospitals in India provided the internship for Optometry students and those hospitals are the really good thinker for students future.

I learn lots of things from Dr. Agarwal Eye Institute. I really thank them. After that, I joined L.V. Prasad Eye Institute for fellowship where I learn not only Optometry also responsibilities of a healthcare professional. Maybe later I will share my fellowship experience with my readers.

My current blog is a suggestion for future Optometry students. Optometry internship should be decided by student self. One right decision will help to your career a lot. There are several hospitals like L.V. Prasad Eye Institute, Sankara Netralaya, Arvind Eye Hospital, Narayan Netralaya, Shroff Eye Hospital, Aditya Jyot Eye Hospital etc those are provided a good clinical internship program to Optometry students. Students should try to get the internship at the best eye hospitals in India.

Note- This is personal experience and opinion.  A student should take self-decision which one will be better for him.

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