Can I drive with hard contact lenses at night?

Keratoconus and other corneal ectasia are not only decreasing the vision, it also decreases the quality of life. Keratoconus, PMCD (Pellucid Marginal Corneal Degeneration), Post-Lasik ectasia are the different types of corneal ectasia.  Semi-soft and hard contact lenses provided the best vision in those conditions. After penetrating keratoplasty also Rgp (Rigid gas permeable lens) may require for better vision. Glare at night is the most common and uncomfortable symptoms of corneal ectasia. I hope my readers know that we can drive with contact lenses. But so many people have the glare problem at night especially while driving the car. The glaring problem more for presbyopia patients than young age group. Soft contact lenses can’t provide the best vision those conditions. Kerasoft lens is another good choice which is available in the market. But if the is not fitted properly then it will create more glare and ghost images.

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Rgp or hard lenses with large is the better option. You need to inform Optometrist or Ophthalmologist about your requirements. Because sometimes small diameter contact lenses fitted optimal and more comfortable for the patient. But if the diameter of the lenses is smaller than pupil size at night then the lens edge will be inside of papillary margin and will create at glare at night. Lens consultant evaluates the papillary diameter and lens edge diameter position under dim light illumination.  Overall lens diameter and optic zone diameter should be larger than the scotopic pupil size.


If any kinds of scratches present over the lenses  then  it should be replaced with new one.scratches-over-lens

Rose k2 IC (Irregular cornea) are large diameter, reverse geometry, and Intralimbal lenses increase wearing comfort as well as decrease the glare. These lenses are useful for all kinds of corneal ectasia, post-PRK (Photorefractive keratectomy) Post corneal graft etc.

Scleral lenses have a very large optic zone. They can control flare & glare both. Scleral lenses are helpful for reducing dryness in the eye. As a fluid layer present between lens and cornea, they provide the maximum visual acuity and comfort.

Important Tips:-

  1. Always wear protective glasses over the lenses
  2. Use antireflection coating glass for reducing glare                                                  
  3. Wear full-cover helmet while riding bike or cycle
  4. Close car window at the time of driving
  5. Maintain your lens properly
  6. Regular eye checkup
  7. Don’t use yellow tint glass
  8. Turn off inside light while driving
  9. Always clean the interior and exterior glass, windows, windshield
  10. Adjust your side mirror properly
  11. Don’t look at the direct light                            



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