Advancement of contact lenses: The new smart contact lenses

The contact lens is a small thin plastic lens which places over the eye to correct the refractive error like myopia, hypermetropia, astigmatism, and presbyopia. The quantity of contact lens clients worldwide has been expanding and now remain more than 71 million, half of which are in the US. Over the most recent decade, there have been significant improvements in the material utilized as a part of contact lenses, which has expanded their appeal and availability to clients. Today, contact lenses are worn for vision correction, therapeutic and cosmetic purpose.  Upcoming few contact lenses will be utilized for monitoring disease and few can be utilized for video recording and image capture which are known as smart contact lenses.

Google, Samsung, and Sony all filed their smart contact lens patents in their respective countries.

Sony smart contact lenses:-

Such a large number of motion pictures demonstrate that recording by pen camera. Presently, soon we will see the mystery recording by contact lenses. Sony shrewd contact lens can self-adjust, record, play, and store recordings before your eye. Seven Japanese researcher develops the lenses, which would incorporate the camera, a remote handling unit, and a capacity unit. This lens needs to continue in one eye and can be exchanged on and off by shutting the eyelids. This lens can level out the tilted picture as effortlessly dispose of obscure and control center. The client can control the lenses by utilizing advanced cells. Sony’s lenses could likewise monitor each time the client’s eyelid closes while the video is recorded so that the subsequent dark screens can be erased later on. This lens can be recorded footage in a way that is totally covered up.

The patent application, documented in February 2014, has yet to be inspected.

Samsung smart contact lenses:-

Samsung has filled an application from south Korea for a keen contact lens, spotted by samMobile. The lens has a sensor which can catch and transmit the picture to a smartphone. The lens can be controlled utilizing eye movement and blinking. In spite of the fact that Samsung’s been conceded the patent, it’s not authoritative evidence that the organization will discharge a shopper item off it. Samsung also applied for its smart contact lens patients on 2014.

Google smart contact lenses:-

Google smart contact lens is a contact lens for diabetes patient which can measure the glucose level of diabetes. The concept is like that a wireless chip and a glucose monitor will be inside of the lens which will measure the glucose level of tears.  A small pinhole in the lens takes into account tear liquid to saturate the sensor to gauge glucose levels. Both of the sensors are installed between two delicate layers of lens material so there is no damage in the eye. Arrangements to include little-LED lights that could caution the wearer by illuminating when the glucose levels have crossed above or beneath specific limits have been said to be under thought. Google and Novartis mutually doing look into on this lens. On 16 January 2014 Google declared that, for as far back as 2 years, they had been chipping away at a contact lens that could individuals with diabetes by making it ceaselessly check their glucose levels.The delicate lens can give the glucose level inconsistently. No need pricking finger and it glucose level can screen different time in a day.

Glaucoma smart contact lenses:-

A glaucoma is a group of conditions that causes irreversible blindness. Proper medication and timing are important to stop the progression of glaucoma and control the IOP. The sensimed (A Swiss-based maker of the contact lens) Triggerfish lens is under trial on glaucoma patients. This lens will help to glaucoma patients whether the new medicine will help or not. The lens is made of silicon material. It will monitor the shape of the cornea and measures the IOP timely so it can monitor the progression of glaucoma. Te research was done at Columbia University Medical  Center. This lens can monitor IOP  24 hours continuously during sleeping time and normal activities as well. Hope it will prevent future glaucoma damage.

Google contact lens will help 382 million diabetes worldwide. Where as Sony and Samsung contact lens will be used for technology requirement and other important video recording purpose. The lenses will not be available for everyone.

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