New contact lens for digital device users: Bioinfinity Energys

Bioinfinity Energys by Cooper vision especially for digital devices users 

CVS (Computer Vision Syndrome) also known as a Digital Eye Strain. Around seven out of ten people experienced with digital eye strain those who are working more than 2 hrs daily(1). Sixty percent of adults using digital display more than five hours in a day(2). Most of the people suffer discomfort after 2 hours of working with digital display. Most common symptoms are eyestrain, headache, dry eye, head and shoulder pain. These symptoms are maybe caused by the poor lighting, glare on a digital screen, uncorrected refractive error, poor sitting posture etc. Most of the eyecare practitioner advice for blinking to reduce dryness of the eye and glare. To know more about computer vision syndrome please click here. Uncorrected astigmatism can increase computer vision syndrome. Few of us like to wear contact lenses in the office or workplace. As we know wearing contact lenses can be causes of dry eye. So we need the contact lenses which are less water content. Because low water content contact lenses absorb less water from the eye so chances of dryness are lesser comparatively mid or high water content contact lenses. Silicon Hydrogel contact lens also is known as low-water content contact lenses. These material lenses pass allow passing more oxygen to the cornea. Approximately it passes 5 times more oxygen than hydrogel lenses. Silicon is a very common mineral (Silicon Dioxide/ Silica). When we wear a contact lens then its reduces the oxygen permeability in our eyes. Hypoxia occurs due to lack of oxygen supply to our cornea. Hypoxia causes red eye, blurred vision, corneal swelling and other eye infection. So wearing silicon hydrogel contact lenses reduces significantly corneal hypoxia.

Cooper Vision recently introduce “Bioinfinity Energys” contact lenses for dry eye and reduce eye strain from visual display unit like computer, mobile, television etc. Bioinfinity Energys is the contact lens combined with digital lens optics design with Aquaform technology. It is a silicone hydrogel monthly disposable contact lens with the comfilcon-A material. The lens is introduced on 29th June 2016. These lenses are designed for whole day wear. The lens will available in this month at U.S market and next year at the European market. The lenses consolidate new optical properties, a propelled silicone hydrogel material, and a smooth, actually wettable surface for dependable solace, as indicated by CooperVision. The Digital Zone Optics integrates multiple front-surface aspheric curves across the entire optical zone. This stimulates the positive power in the center of the lens, means it will help to reduce strain on ciliary muscle while moving front and back at the time of working with digital display. Aquaform technology attracts and binds the water throughout the lens. Long silicone chains improve oxygen transmissibility and decreased silicone content results in a low modulus for delicate quality and adaptability, upgrading solace and fitting flexibility.

Parameters of Bioinfinity Energys (3)

Base curve- 8.6mm  Power- +8.00 D TO -12.00D (Sphere) Diameter- 14.00mm Matertial- Comfilcon A DK/T– 160@ -3.00D Center Thickness – 0.08mm @ -3.00D


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