My 18 best travel tips and tricks for beginners and bachelors

We all love travels in holidays.

Today I will share few tips and experience about holiday trips. Travel makes refreshment in our life. The individuals who visit explorers they should recognize what to do and what not to do. For me family holiday excursions and single man holiday trips both are distinctive. The vast majority of the family individual arrangement holiday trips 3-4 months prior. In the event that you have to go through flight then the ticket will be significantly less expensive for early reserving. Again it’s relying upon place and periods of voyaging. Not only family, bachelor also needs to plan for the first month of New Year. Because travel through Indian train is cheaper but you need to reserve the tickets early. Many people say bachelor can go any places at any time., that’s true but preplan is always better. You can find many travel sites and their best travel tips through the internet where you can know about the places to see at the particular destination.

1. Know your clubbing holidays:-

Always keep in mind about clubbing holidays. I hope you know about clubbing holidays. Suppose someone working at IT (Information technology) sectors and Saturday, Sunday is holidays for them. Then there is a national holiday on Thursday. So if apply a holiday on Friday then you can start your journey on Wednesday after office. So only one day you need extra leave.

2. Choose correct partner:-

Don’t go only with friends. Your partner should be love travel and there is a great understand between both of you. Taste of traveling should be same. Also, those who love photography or other things like you.

3. How I choose hotels?

If you are travel with family then must be booked the hotel before start your journey. But without family, I always booked the hotel after reaching the place. The reason is the simple cost factor. It again depends on places and seasons. Always find the good quality hotel at prime area of the tourist spot. Don’t take a room near the elevator. 

4. Hotel address and telephone number:-

Don’t forget to take the hotel address and contact number while you are going outside. Take visiting card or take a picture of visiting card and mobile number while you are going outside.


5. Packing light:-

Always try to take less but proper luggage that should be small and handy. Try to stick with only one backpack. That will help you to move one place to another place easily. Remember don’t go with travel agency with cheap travel deals because it’s not a school tour. Travel agencies always try to complete everything in short time. I believe many of us love photography. For a good photography, you must give some time on that. Also, you can stay more time at your favorite place.

6. Carry small laptop or OTG supported phone or tab:-

Don’t take very big laptop because you can’t open at every place also heavy too. But you can carry small laptop or OTG supported mobile or tablet for emergency purpose work. It helps to take your data backup.

7. Cloud data backup:-

Don’t forget to take cloud storage data backup on daily basis. You can use Goggle drive or Dropbox for your data backup because if you lost your mobile or camera then the photo will be the backup.

8. Power bank:-

Don’t forget to take power bank of mobile and camera charging while you outside of your room. That always helps you call at the end of the day while your mobile charging out or camera for photography.

Best travel tips - power bank

9. Lock your apps:-

Always lock your apps and personal files on your computer and mobile. Better to use number and biometrics which are safer. Apps like email, G+, what’s app, Facebook, Instagram should be the lock because if you lost your phone then anybody can misuse that. 

10. Internet and calling facility:-

Take roaming data and call facility before start your journey. If you are going other countries for more than a week then must take GSM facility phone which can be used by local sim card. But think again and again for real requirement of local sim card. Because you need to spend more time at the traveling places, not with your mobile.

11. Shopping from a local shop:-

Try to buy some products from a local shop and unique. It helps local people as well as a momentum for your future. Don’t eat food from outside or very expensive hotels.  Reliable food shop with good quality.

12. Keep separate your sources of money:-

Always keep separate of your source of money. Don’t keep the debit card, credit card, and cash altogether for safety purposes.

13. Photography smartly but not shooting:-

Take photos as much as you need. Good and reliable photo. Don’t take unnecessary extra photos. Also, don’t try to do shooting that means for one perfect picture spend lots of time. Also, know when you should not do photograph. 

Best travel tips


14. Medicine:-

Take some basic medicine like for fever, loose motion, pain killer for emergency purpose. Because many places medical shop did not provide medicine without doctor consultation. Travel first-aid kid should be with you always.

15. Contact lens solution and an extra pair of glasses:-

If you are using contact lenses then don’t forget to take lens care solution. Also, keep an extra pair of glasses if you are using spectacle for emergency purposes.

16. Wake up early:-

May you wake up late but try to wake up early on those days. Because morning time you can see local places market and get more chances to interact with local people.

17. Always carry a packet of tissue

18. Informing someone:-

This is the last and most important thing is that inform your family member and friend also while you are traveling. Also, update them for your location. That is always important.

Hope few tips on traveling will help you in future.

Krishnendu Mandal

Optometrist, Blogger, Blogging since Jan 2016