How to keep safe your children eyes from mobile and computer?

Visual display units are part of our modern life. Morning, we check what’s app messages before tea. Office to connect our friends with social media, we use mobile, tablet, computer etc. Children are much more interest to use mobile. They want to play the game, photo etc. The Even kinder garden(KG) child also knows how to use Google.

But we are the least bothered about the side effects of visual display unit. Those who are working time with computer, mobile or tablet they feel eye strain, dryness, etc. Not only that we need to protect our eyes from harmful blue light which causes early Age –related Macular Degeneration (AMD). So we need medicine for this to prevent the side effects.

There are several applications are available to protect our eyes from mobiles and computers. These apps will help you to avoid eye strain & protect your eyes. These apps are able to emit harmful blue light from the screen. You will more comfortable, relaxed and fall asleep easily at night. Lower and natural light help your body to produce more melatonin, helping to provide you with better sleep. Not only that we need to blink more when working with the computer to prevent dryness.

Following apps are work on almost all Android mobile devices –

Above all apps are extremely useful to reduce your eyestrain. They are simple to use and required minimal space in your devices.

Apps for computer and windows devices –


Available In

F.LUX OSX, Windows, Linux. iOS
Awareness OSX, Windows, Mac
Timeout Free OSX
Shades OSX
Pango Bright Windows
EyeLeo Windows
Calise Linux
Protect Your Vision Chrome, Firefox Extension, Safari App
EyeCare Chrome
Nocturne MAC
EyePro Windows
  Screen guards are available for mobile and computer to protect our eyes from the harmful blue light. save your eyes.    

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