Marketing ideas for a new optical retail shop

The main aim of every business is to bring more customers and sell more products. For optical businesses also need more patients. More patients mean more sell and more profit. Marketing is important for every business. Marketing plays an important role in the success of modern business module. It helps to grow your business fast.

Many people don’t want to go hospitals for an eye check up due to timing issues. Eye check up facility with an eye doctor or Optometrist is important for every optical setup. At the rural area, a full-time optometrist may not require because of fewer patients flow but should be available at the weekend. At village area or small town, optical owners are bringing renowned Ophthalmologist or Optometrist from government hospitals or reputed eye hospitals. It is actually boosting their sales as well as cost cutting factor. Next few point I will discuss marketing strategies for the optical business. How we can promote a new optical shop to increase sell.


Plan your work: – Enormous optical retailers are not considerably more skilled but rather they generally arrange their work. They marketed review legitimately. Each business is the rivalry, so great arrangement and an appropriate objective are essential for the accomplishment of business.

Know your customer: – Each client is extraordinary and they have an alternate decision. So put the client decision first. The financial status of each region is distinctive. Normal deals expense is diverse in the distinctive range. Relies on upon that the item range ought to be kept in stock. The prerequisite of edges like Rayban, Gucci, Police, Cartier is not exactly the metro city. Be that as it may, consumer loyalty is imperative at each spot. Few customers don’t want long waiting time for an eye examination. Other critical components are

1. Delivery on time & quick delivery

2. Home delivery if possible

Overall business always needs to build trust.

Educate your staff: Optician should be well knowledgeable and up to date about the material of frames and lenses. The optician should explain properly about the lenses. For which profession which types of the lens will be better or which lens tint is better for which profession. Few common things should be clear like ARC coating, Photochromic Lenses, Polycarbonate lenses what are the purpose of using those products.

Community eye care: – Conduct camp on school, college or village. It is not important to prescribe glasses at eye camp but it helps to find people those who needed glasses. Especially at the village, so many aged people are not able to go for an eye check-up but a pair of glasses can make their life better. Once someone is benefited from the service they always look for the next time service from the same company. If any student needs a pair of glass and they come from eye camp service then definitely their family members also want to check their eye from your shop which can increase your sales.

Increase awareness about eye diseases: – Increase awareness about eye check-up is very important.  Now a day so many hospitals are doing awareness program by walk like Glaucoma awareness program, diabetes awareness program etc. Also, they offer t-shirt awareness quotes on the back side.

Employee dress: – Offer t-shirt of your staff with a logo which will be a mandatory dress of your retail.

Collect communication data for build relationship with Customer: – Always collect patient communication data. Tell the patient to provide email and phone number. After delivering the product please call them for satisfaction level. A satisfied customer always brings customer and they are one of the powerful marketing tool called word to mouth. Also, try to call after one year about another eye check up. This way the old customers will come back. Always send thank you messages or email to the customer. Also, try to send them anniversary or birthday greeting card through emails which will make a strong relationship between both. It will also be better if send promotional offers through email or Sms.

Advertise through cable media: –  Always you need new ideas and techniques to improve your business. At Village area, DTH service is comparatively costlier than cable service. It is less expensive for advertising for optical. Advertise includes frames, lenses and available doctors etc. These types of advertising depend on the requirement of a specific area.  Also advertise on the television channel, radio station etc if possible.

Advertise in the local newspaper- Not only for frames also advertise when new doctors or optometrists or services available in your shop. Also advertise about promotional and festival offers.

Poster & Banner: – Poster and banner at various places including bus stop, Roadside, city mall, bus, taxi etc. Though these are little costly if your service is good then it will give an extra flavor.

Local business directory: Local business media advertisement plays a major role to bring the customers. Generally, local online business media have two features. One is free to advertise and another is paid to advertise.

Varieties of offer: – Offer something that patients want badly. It is like that offer sunglasses with medical glass at summer season. If optical showroom is near to any institute like college or university campus then one plus one offer will work more summer season. The offer also depends on the festival season also like Durga Puja, Diwali, Christmas, New Year offers etc. Your offer should be unique which is not given by other competitors and better than them.

Referral discount: – Give a discount for referral patients as well as a gift for the referee. It will attract more customers also people will get more interest to refer someone to your optical.

Social Media Marketing: – Make Facebook page, Twitter or LinkedIn account etc. Don’t worry these social media are freely accessible. Display new frames through Facebook page and website. It will reach more customers.

Make a website: – Website is a gateway to get more patients. Combine Facebook page and website can increase customers. Now a day’s so many people are using Facebook even at rural area also.  Sometimes customer selects the frame through online and they visited the optical shop to the fittings and suitability of frame on their face. Regularly write blogs about eye care, lenses, and new frames. It will increase the popularity of optical.

Remember good sales techniques always important for the success of your business.

There is several another way to marketing if anybody knows any other way then comments below.

Krishnendu Mandal

Optometrist, Blogger, Blogging since Jan 2016



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