Know the major Causes of Gynecomastia in Male

Gynecomastia is a common health issue with man these days. In this situation, their breasts get enlarged and saggy which people generally refer to as “man boobs”. Other symptoms include swelling in breast tissues which cause the area around nipples to expand in diameter. The condition could hit one breast or both at a time. It is a common disease in recent days, but there is nothing much to worry about since the condition is not permanent and can be treated with medication. Apart from other physical complications, the condition severely affects the psychology of the sufferer. Research has shown that the condition causes low self-esteem and humiliation in men which makes its treatment necessary.
Causes of Gynecomastia in Male
Gynecomastia in Male
The condition is triggered either by an increase in the amount of estrogens’ or a decrease in the amount of testosterone or both. Estrogens are female hormones that cause breast tissues to grow while testosterone prevents breast tissue enlargement.  All men and women have these hormones but testosterone is in a greater proportion of males and estrogens in females. So any hormonal imbalance in men can cause Gynecomastia. Generally, more than half of male infants are born with enlarged breasts under the effect of Estrogens from their mother but this condition goes away in two or three weeks. Also, it occurs to seventy percent of boys when they hit puberty. The reason here is estrogen imbalance in their breast glands causing them to swell. But here again, the condition does not prevail for long. It goes away without specific treatments within a period of six months to one year. The condition again peaks in the age group of 45 to 65. One in every fourth man is dealing with this health issue in this age group. The common reasons for it are excessive intake of antibiotics, anti-anxiety drugs, cardiac medicines or antidepressants. Apart from this other medication like cancer medicines, HIV medicines, Chemotherapy and intake of strong drugs like methadone, aldosterone are responsible for this condition. Intake of intoxicants like marijuana, heroin can also be a reason to stimulate the hormonal imbalance. Too much consumption of alcohol and steroids also claims to be one of the major reasons behind the condition. Also, a lesser recognized reason for estrogen imbalance in men is extreme ingestion of herbal products like tea tree oil and lavender tea. These products contain high amounts of estrogen which causes hormonal imbalance in the body.   Read – Psoriasis on eyelids and it’s treatment   Other health issues to prompt the condition are:
  • Hypogonadism- Any syndrome that hampers the production of testosterone.
  • Hyperthyroidism. In this condition, the thyroid gland produces too much of the hormone thyroxine.
  • aging, because the level of testosterone production falls down naturally.
  • Insufficient intake of nutrients which does not let the body produce ample quantity of testosterone.
Half of the men do not even realize the reason for it and continue with their wrong practices.Also, the symptoms of the disease are sometimes unclear, so it is advisable that the patient should see an endocrinologist, a doctor who specializes in hormone imbalances. If you are living in Bangalore you can consider to find out the best hospitals of gynecomastia in Bangalore.     Author bio- This is a guest post by Mr. Jatin Rajput.

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