Few common mistakes of our eyeclinic

Learning from mistakes at work is very important for everyone. There are many blogs and Youtube video available on following topics. As a healthcare professional also, we need to learn from our previous mistakes. As I am an Optometrist, so I will discuss few common mistakes we do at our clinic or workplace. When I started the internship that time I always think of learning new things. But I saw these types mistakes happened every day but I don’t bother to learning from mistakes at work or you can tell that I don’t want to change myself. Few things you should maintain properly while you working at a hospital or other doctors clinic. Not only doctors clinic or hospital clinic, it is very important for a personal clinic. I feel every optometry intern and professional should follow –
Trial box without arranging of lenses
Trial box without arranging of lenses
Never arrange the lenses properly after finished workup. If someone come to do work up in your room, he/she need to arrange those lenses first. Otherwise, refraction will be too much time-consuming. At the time of testing, he/she needs to find the proper lenses. So replace the lenses properly after using them. 
learning from mistakes
Trial frame with lenses
This is a very common mistake and many of us forget to replace the trial lenses from the trial frame. This is not good in front of patient you will rearrange lenses. Also, it is time-consuming.  
Switch off after using it
Switch-off the auto refractometer after using it. Of course, I forgot sometimes after use it. Longtime using instruments can produce or generate heat inside of the machine. Also, it consumes extra electricity. Auto-refractometer is a costly instrument and always you need to be careful while using it. So, you must switch off instruments after using them.
learning from mistakes at work
Forgot to switch off projector chart
Also, switch off projector chart after using it. Reason also as same as above.  
Switch of lensometer after using it
Switch off the lensometer. I have seen many of my colleagues forgot to switch off the lensometer after using them. Long time using instruments is one of the major causes of overheating. Overheating is one of the major causes of internal damage of instruments. Many of us do those mistakes at our clinic. May not be all the things but few of them. So if you do those mistakes then the trainee students will also follow you. When my senior told me about theses, at that time I always tried to justify my mistakes which are the biggest mistake. Always I answered a silly excused  ” When I entered everything was like this”. We must be learning from mistakes at work and better to avoid justifying mistakes. Always try to follow above-mentioned things and if you do those mistakes then try to change your habit. 

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