How to keep and clean spectacle?

It is important to keep spectacle proper way and clean spectacle properly to prevent from any kind of damage or scratches. How to keep spectacle?
  • Always keep spectacle in the box. It is easy to find and protect your lenses from dust.
  • Don’t keep in the pocket because AR coated (Antireflection) glasses are easy scratched. Scratches on glasses created glare and as well as hazy vision. Anti-scratch coating helps protects glass and antireflective coatings both from scratch.
How to clean spectacle?
  • Use tap water (Cold) to clean spectacle
  • Use lens cleaner as recommended by your optician
    Ultrasonic cleaner for clean spectacle
    Digital ultrasonic cleaner
  • Don’t put hot water over lenses
  • Use soft clothes and press very gently over the lenses either your glasses will be scratched
  • Clean spectacle with ultrasonic lens cleaner weekly or monthly one if possible 
        Tips for cleaning spectacle:- Step 1:-
Photo by JAR CC BY-SA 2.0
First clean your hand properly with soap or liquid soap or dishwashing liquid. Then wipe your hand with lint free towel. Make sure your hand is free from any kinds of germ and dirt after wash.  Step 2:- Rinse your eyeglasses under lukewarm water. You can directly put use tap water and clean both sides of lenses. It will remove all kinds of dust from lens surface because dust can scratch lenses while you wipe with a towel. You can put one small drop of lotion free dish-washing liquid soap on the lens surfaces and gently clean them. Remember this liquid cleaner will be lotion free or absent any kinds of moisturizer. Not only lenses also apply all parts of the frame. Use a brush to remove nose pad area dust. After apply dish washing soap rub both side lenses politely with fingers and wash with water again. Note:-
  • Don’t use hot water because it can damage anti-reflection coating over glasses
  • Don’t use ammonia or bleached based cleaner
  • Don’t use brush over lenses
Step3:- After the wash with water, shake glasses gently. It will eliminate most of the water from lenses. Then check again if any dust available or not. If yes then wash it again. Step 4:- After wash makes lenses and frame dry with a lint free dry towel. Apply gentle pressure over the lenses. Cotton towel is always a good choice. You can get good lens cleaning cloths from your nearest spectacle shop.
P.C- Debayan Mahesh
  • Don’t use your shirt or handkerchief to clean your spectacle
  • Towel or cleaning clothes should be clean and free from dirt because any dirt can scratch coating of the lenses
  • Towel should be free from any kinds cooking oil or moisturizers because it will smear over lenses
    Lens cleaning spray
    Lens cleaning spray
For travelers:-
  • Always keeps the lens cleaning cloths with you
  • Always keep lens cleaning cloths inside the cleaning cover either it will be dirt
  • You can use lens cleaning spray if the tap water not available
Additional tips:- Don’t use
  • Napkins, tissues, toilet paper that can scratch lenses
  • Shirt or handkerchief
  • Household glass cleaner
  • Ammonia based soap wash that can damage the coating on lenses
  • Saliva to wet your lenses
Prefer to take anti-scratch coating over Anti-reflection coating. Remember it is important to do an eye check up every year and better to change the lenses every year. The spectacle power may be same but new lenses will provide you more comfort and satisfactory vision. Don’t expect that one pair will glass will be enough for lifetime.  Also read  

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