Why should you avoid the cheap ways to increase YouTube subscribers?

Hello friends, wish you a happy new year 2017. The current topic is information about to get more subscriber, views, and likes of YouTube channel. We all know that views, likes and the subscribers are very important for growing a YouTube channel. Also, it’s true that a lot of views mean the possibilities of financial gain square measure a lot of.  More YouTube subscribers mean most of them are following you and most of them will watch your new uploaded video. This is not only on your YouTube channel, website too. Bloggers are also making videos on the different topic and tutorial videos because even a three minutes video also can make some money. It is well known that if your YouTube channel viewers are more from the United States, income will be more because of the higher advertising revenue rate.

YouTube Subscribers
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Making video is not easy for everyone. Getting viewers for educational purpose or business purpose is much more difficult than that.  Entertainment videos and funny videos become popular very easily if the quality is up to mark. The country like India, very few people uses YouTube for education purpose.  Most of the young people (Aged between 14-35 years) are using YouTube for music, movie, entertainment etc. Channel ranking and earning not only depends on the views, also revenue depends on the real time of your viewers. When I started my YouTube channel that time I was completely unaware of the things. It is well known that more subscribers will help you to increase views, share, and more revenue quickly. Social Medias like Facebook, Twitter, hi5 etc play the major role in marketing and getting more viewers to your videos. We all want success and become popular as early as possible. As per my knowledge, genuine and real subscribers can only help you to get more earning and grow your business. You can find there are several website and apps available which can increase your YouTube subscribers, Facebook page likes, video views etc. The condition is like that like for like (like4like) that you subscribe someone channel and someone will subscribe your channel. These all websites and Facebook pages are for getting more viewers and subscribers easily. But as per my opinion, those will not help more until unless your contents are good in quality.

  1. Immediate got subscribers or viewers for website, Facebook page or YouTube channels
  2. More website visitors
  3. Your videos or blogs will reach lots of unknown persons quickly
The disadvantages of these types shortcut procedures are:-
  1. Not genuine audience or fake subscribers
  2. Anytime you can lose your subscribers from particular apps or from YouTube (For YouTube subscribers)
  3. Earning minimal or nothing
Not genuine or fake subscriber:-

Not genuine (Actually not fake real but not effective) because most of the subscribers gained from exchange programs do not come back to your channel to watch your other videos. For gaining 1000 subscribers they may be subscribed 100-300 channels. If your videos are not interesting then they will not watch it again.  Even if your channel videos are interesting also, most of them will not watch in future. See the down pictures about subscribers and few channels of youtube.


See above channel have 403 subscribers but videos have only 4 views in 2 days and 8 views in 1 week. So the subscribers are not interested in the videos. That means most of the subscribers are from YouTube channel or bloggers or other business and they just subscribe for their own profit.

Fig2. YouTube subscribers

Though above videos are from big channels but their subscribers are real. That means they are the real fan of those channels. We need to make real fan not exchanging fan.


Above channel having 14256 subscribers and you can see last 4 videos have 3.5k to 41k viewers in last 2 months. These are the real subscriber. 

Fig4.   Fig.5

Fig4. Having 399k followers but only 300 views of every video where as next one (Fig.5) having 593k followers but viewers around 400-900k views for every video.

2. Anytime you can lose your subscribers from particular apps or from YouTube (For YouTube subscribers): –There are so many channels available those are helping to increase YouTube video views, likes, and subscribers. Many websites are doing exchange program but there beware of the terms and conditions that if you unsubscribe then you can lose your all subscribers. Ultimately it’s time wasting job.

Fig6. See above image 88 subscribers gained but 71 subscribers lost in few days. So, ultimately only 15 subscribers gained.

3. Earning minimal or nothing: –Earning is minimal or nothing because for the earning point you need to wait only 15 seconds for a website or watch videos for YouTube videos. After that, they will never come back to your channel. We all know that that doesn’t create any money for blog writers.

Factors that helps to make successful-

  • Proper time management and regular video publishing
  • Work slowly but steady
  • Find your interest and particular topic which you know very well
  • Try to make something new which will like by vast audience
  • Try to make unique videos with good audio and video quality
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