How to increase eye power 20/20 naturally?

So many patients asked me about improve eyesight naturally. Many patients asked me the same question in different ways. How to improve eyesight naturally 20/20? How to increase eye power naturally 20/20? How to get clear vision without spectacle?  How to achieved 20/20 vision without surgery?  How to increase eye power naturally? Today I am going to discuss myths and truths about improving eyesight 20/20 naturally through exercises. Many people don’t want to wear glasses due to cosmetic reason. Also few of them don’t like contact lenses also. I have seen so many parents also concern about this matter. Many parents don’t like LASIK surgery for their children eyes. Yes, it is true due to fear many of them try to avoid any surgery on their eyes. So many blogs and YouTube videos available on following topics and I am really surprised while reading those answers.

Here also a same type video link 

The headline of this video is “How o improve eyesight naturally fast 20/20 with exercise at home”. The video is started with “Don’t waste your time with glasses, contact lenses or Lasik surgeries, Just follow few steps” The exercises are
  1. Pencil push-up test
  2. 20-20-20 rule
  3. Proper diet and vitamin supplement

Pencil push-up test: – We all know that the pencil up test for treatment of convergence insufficiency.

20-20-20- This is actual for avoid dryness while working computer, mobile or other digital display units.

Proper diet and vitamin supplement: – Good food and proper nutrition help make our body and eye healthy. We need to eat healthy food which contains Vitamin- A, C, E and other substance like calcium, zinc, selenium, beta-carotene etc that helps to protect the retina from AMD (Age-related macular degeneration). Vitamin-E is a great antioxidant that helps against AMD and Cataracts.

But no study available such as these procedures will cure myopia or hypermetropia or presbyopia will cure completely. Also, those can help to increase or decrease axial length of the eye or corneal thickness.

As such, there is no evidence that these are helping for emmetropization. Most of the children are born with hypermetropia and refractive error becomes zero at the age of seven years. This normal procedure should not be included with this.

As per my knowledge, there is the restriction of writing medicine but no restriction about advice exercise or nutrition foods. Those who make these types of videos they should put some case studies on the following topic. Also, they should specify about mild, moderate and high refractive error.

Not only above three procedures, there are several other videos tell to do eye exercise like up-down, left-right and with the clock eye rotation which is helping for extra-ocular muscle relax.

 Such a large number of patients got some information about enhancing vision actually and 20/20 vision with no surgery. While specialist or optometrist recommending glasses or contact lenses or advice for surgeries, they feel that specialist or optometrist needs cash by offering glasses.

[Note- I am thankful those who make health-related videos for increase awareness and helping people for better health. But they should not misguide or pass any kinds of false news which is not correct]

Krishnendu Mandal

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