Happy new year 2017 for Bitcoiners or Bitminers

Happy new year 2017 for Bitcoiners. Bitcoin price has been increased around 400$ compare to two months before. The price of Bitcoin was between 600-650$ in October 2016 and on the first day of the year it is 1028 $. So those who kept bitcoin on stock definitely they will get a big profit. The value of Bitcoin already crossed the all-time highest set price record $ 1216.7 in 2013. Expertise is thinking that this year price will higher than the current price. Around one month before the price was was approximately between $750-770. For more details, you can follow the  Coindesk or other sites. You can check here Bitcoin exchange rate, Bitcoin price, Bitcoin price graph etc.

Well please read below  those who are unknown about Bitcoin

(This is just for information purpose)

Bitcoin also called  Crypto- currency. This is kind of digital currency. Currencies are present but you can’t see those currencies. These types of currencies accepted worldwide. you can buy anything through Bitcoin if the company accepting. It becomes the first decentralized cryptocurrency on 2009. But Bitcoin is not legal in all country.

First time myself noticed about Bitcoin at facebook. You can see so many MLM (Multi-level marketing) groups are present in facebook those who are doing business on Bitcoin. There are lots of opportunities available to earn through Bitcoin but there is lots of scam on the business. So those who are investing in Bitcoin they should be careful.  Especially those companies which are promising 2-3 % interest rate daily. AsBitcoin is digital currency they don’t need any official address so only email address available for contact. Another one thing is Bitcoin is under a government of any country.

To know more about Bitcoin you can read Wikipedia.

According to a logarithmic release function, total 21 million Bitcoin will be created worldwide. Currently, 13 million Bitcoin are in circulation. So another 8 million Bitcoin will be generated for next 95 years.

The major advantage of Bitcoin is no need to go bank to exchange currency. You can buy or sell Bitcoin through your mobile or computer from home only. But only one thing you should know that the money you can transfer to your local bank account if needed. There is no limitation of opening Bitcoin account. Mobile apps like Zebpay, Blockchain etc are available worldwide for exchanging Bitcoin.

I think recently to increase the value of Bitcoin may the real happy new year 2017 for Bitcoiners.

My sincere appeal to network marketers please be careful when you invest you invest money through Bitcoin.

Note: – This blog is just for information purpose, not for encouraging or discouraging anyone for Bitcoin-related business.

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