World Glaucoma week celebration March – 2017

March 12 to 17th 2017 will be celebrated as “World Glaucoma Week”. Every year Glaucoma week celebrated from 2nd to 3rd week of March. It’s celebrated all over India and mostly conducted by hospitals and medical education institutes. The main aim of glaucoma week is to increase the awareness of glaucoma. Glaucoma is the third leading cause of blindness in India. According to the report of Glaucoma Society of India approximately 12 million people are affected by glaucoma. Unfortunately, many people don’t know that they are suffering from glaucoma. That’s why the main campaign of glaucoma walk is “Beat Invisible Glaucoma”. On 2012 main campaign of glaucoma was “Don’t let glaucoma, darken your life”. Glaucoma also is known as a silent killer of vision.

World Glaucoma week

Glaucoma is a condition where optic nerve of your eye damage due to increased pressure on your eyes. Damage due to glaucoma is permanent that’s why we need to diagnose and treat glaucoma at an early stage. Once your vision damaged due to glaucoma that may not be come back again. Glaucoma can occur at any age but those who are over 40 years old they must go regular eye check up. Those who have a family history have glaucoma they must need a yearly eye check up because family history is one of the leading cause of glaucoma. Mostly glaucoma is asymptomatic at early stages and you realize while there is a loss of peripheral vision.


Who can conduct glaucoma awareness program?

Anybody can arrange Glaucoma awareness program. Major aim to increase the awareness of glaucoma.

How can increase the awareness about glaucoma?

Spread the message about glaucoma through social media and verbally also. Tell your friend and family about glaucoma. Many organization offer T-Shirt with glaucoma campaign slogan. That’s a good idea but we need to wear it after glaucoma week also.

Glaucoma week t-shirt

Countries like India where people speak various types of languages, there need to make a campaign on the local language.

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The poster should be placed every doctor and optometrist clinic in a local language. So that more people can understand the importance of yearly eye check up and the worse factors about glaucoma.

Most of the hospitals and opticals conduct eye check camp for glass power check up and cataract. But it is important to check retina and need to increase glaucoma awareness through eye camps. 

So let say

                                      “Beat invisible glaucoma”

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