Financial burden for the treatment of Keratoconus in India

Many people aware of the condition of keratoconus. So I am not going to discuss Keratoconus. But we must understand the treatment cost of Keratoconus because many people may not be able to bear the expenses for the treatment of Keratoconus. A yearly eye examination is always recommended but once the Keratoconus detected or suspected then the tragedy story begins.

First of all most of the consultant wants to see the progression of Keratoconus after three months of the first visit then six months then after a year. Keratoconus patient needs to do an eye check up yearly twice till the age of 20-22 years which may vary upon conditions of a patient.

Mainly consultant wants to see the topography report of the cornea. Most of the hospital charges 1000 to 1500 INR for corneal topography each time. Also, many hospitals give relaxation or discount for scanning. Many hospitals charge yearly once and many hospitals at every visit.

One of the most important signs of Keratoconus is frequently changing spectacle and high cylindrical lenses required for following cases. High power cylindrical lens is more than normal index lenses.

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Contact lenses cost also a financial burden for the treatment of keratoconus patient. RGP contact lenses provided best visual acuity for Keratoconus. Though the Rgp contact lenses cost is cheaper but for advanced cases need Rose-k or Scleral contact lenses. Rose-k contact lenses price started around 20k and Scleral contact lenses price started from 30k and up to 120k. Contact lenses may need to change yearly or 2 yearly once. So for middle-class family also it’s expensive. Not only contact lenses, also need contact solution for cleaning and storage of lenses.

Treatment of keratoconus

Last but not least is collagen cross-linking (CXL or C3R), Intacts (Implanted Corneal Ring) or corneal transplant surgery cost also a kind of financial burden for the treatment keratoconus patient. The surgical costs of CXL differ from hospital to hospital. Estimation of CXL surgery is minimum 30k or more. Unfortunately, there is no support for cataract surgery for NGO because it’s come under cosmetic surgery. The cost of C3R or Intacts (Implanted Corneal Ring) is surgery cost differ at different nations.

After surgery also you need to wear contact lenses and spectacles. But many hospitals and doctors help poor patient by discount on treatment cost.

To know more about Keratoconus please visit NKCF website.

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