Best Lasik eye surgery: Question answer part-1

I received many emails after start my blogs regarding LASIK EYE SURGERY. Though personally, I replied them before, it will better if I discuss over here also. Many people are interested to know about the best LASIK eye surgery hospital in India. Also, few questions added regarding LASIK eye surgery and aftercare.

Q1. What are the best eye hospitals for Lasik eye surgery in India?


         Where we can do the Lasik eye surgery?

LASIK eye surgery helps to reduce the glass number (Refractive error of the eye) or get rid of spectacle or contact lenses. It should be done after 18 years of age if your spectacle power is stable for at least one year. Many doctors suggest to-do after 20 years or 22 years of age. These types of surgeries are done with a blade which is known as microkeratome and Laser rays. Laser eye surgery, you do the top most eye hospitals in India. But if you can’t go to top eye hospitals of India you can do locally by any good Lasik eye hospitals or from a Lasik surgeon.

Ask your friends or relatives from where they did their Lasik eye surgeries?

Are they satisfied or not after the surgery?

There are many local, good, experienced ophthalmologists, those who are performing Lasik eye surgery on a daily basis. Experienced and good surgical hand doctor is important for surgery. Chances of complications are less during surgery by experienced Lasik surgeon. Also, you can expect better surgical outcome.

Q 2. Lasik eye surgeries are safe for eye or not?


       What are the complications of Lasik eye surgery?

Lasik surgeries are safe, but not completely risk-free. Lasik surgery also has some risk and complications like –

  • Under correction or overcorrection
  • Flap Hole
  • Post-Lasik ectasia
  • Photophobia or light sensitivity
  • Glare at night
  • Dry eyes after Lasik
  • Flap striae, Irregular flap
  • Diffuse lamellar keratitis
  • Eye infection
  • Eye pain sometimes
  • Itchy, Scratchy or Foreign body sensation
  • Double vision or fluctuating vision
  • Halos

Q 3.            How long we can feel the dryness of the eyes after refractive eye surgery?


                    After Lasik eye surgery, how many days patients need to use lubricant eye drops?


Many patients feel dryness after refractive eye surgery. Mostly doctor says it can take 3 months, but you may need to use lubricant eye drops up to 6 months after the Lasik procedure. At the time of surgery, Lasik eye doctor cuts the cornea (Known as making Corneal Flap). Some corneal nerve to be cut during this procedure that leads to reducing the corneal sensitivity little bit. Water (Tear secretion of eyes) will be less in the eye when the corneal sensation is less that leads the dry eye. It takes 3 months to regenerate the corneal nerve again.

 Some experts say the dryness is very for latest SMILE (Small Incision Lenticular Extraction) surgery because it cuts only 4 mm cornea whereas a surgeon cuts around 20 mm of the cornea during conventional Lasik procedure. The least amount of cut means few corneal nerves will be damaged so it will less affect the corneal sensitivity.


Q 4. After how many days of surgery a patient can join his work?

Usually 2-3 days after the surgery, you can go back to your work after the successful surgery. For PRK (Photo-refractive keratectomy) it may take one week period. You need to use the medication as per your eye doctor recommendation. So keep your eye drops with you and use them as per recommendation. Remember you should not rub your eyes. If you feel itching or irritation you can use lubricant eye drop.


Q 5. After how many days of surgery a patient can take the head bath?

Bath after Lasik eye surgery
Photo Courtesy:- Leah Kelly By Pexels

Ask your Lasik surgeon regarding head bath. Usually, after 10-15 days you can take head bath. But you need to clean your eyes properly as per your eye doctor advice.

Q 6. Lasik eye surgery is painful?

No Lasik eye surgeries are painless but a patient can feel mild irritation, watering and foreign body sensation after PRK (Photo-refractive keratectomy) surgery. BCL (Bandage contact lens) placed over the cornea which helps to reduce problems. BCLs are removed after 3 days of surgery.

Q 7. Lasik eye surgery will remove the glasses or contact lenses completely?


        Shall I need to use spectacle again after the Lasik eye surgery?

Ask your Lasik surgeon about that. It depends on your refractive error and corneal thickness. As per me, it’s better to use Plano or zero power glasses or sunglasses for your eye protection. It helps to protect your eyes from injury or blunt trauma.

Q 8. Before the Lasik eye surgery, how many days I need to discontinue contact lenses?

At least 15 days you should discontinue contact lenses. Cornea will take 3-7 days minimum to get back normal shape. Eye condition will be normal before surgery. For that reason also discontinuing contact lenses for two weeks is better for surgery.

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