What are Batman coloured contact Lenses?

Do you know what Batman coloured contact Lenses is? Few days before I saw an advertisement about Batman coloured contact lenses.

Few days before I saw an advertisement about Batman coloured contact lenses. Obviously, I got curious about those lenses. Those lenses look like colored contact lenses but not for daily purposes or regular use. Actual you can tell that they look like special contact lenses which you can wear for ghost drama serial. Also, you can tell then scary colored contact lenses or crazy contact lenses. Mainly these contact lenses are forBatman lovers and suitable for batman costumes.Batman coloured contact lenses

Batman coloured contact Lenses are actually Halloween Contact Lenses that add-on to a Batman costume. These lenses are wearing by actors and actress at many movies for a special look and scary characters. There are many designs of Halloween contact lenses available in the market like All Black, Blood, Demon, Fun, Red, Devil, Scary, Vampire, White, Zombie Halloween contact lenses. Also, there are many other designs available in the market by different companies but Orion group designed many types of Halloween contact lenses.

The Halloween contact lenses are featured in many English movies and serials like World war Z, True Blood, Interview with the Vampire etc. Also features in many Hindi movies like Bahubali, Raaz 3 etc.

Halloween prescription colored contact lenses also available.

Power- Plano to -6.00D Base Curve – 8.6 & 8.7 mm Diameter – 14.0mm & 14.5mm Material – PolymaconTips for contact lenses beginners Water Content – 38% and 42% Validity – From the opening of first days of pack (Maybe vary) to 90 days

Halloween Batman contact lenses are actually cosmetic contact lenses for special purposes like acting in the movie, theater etc. They are used for changing the eye color of the eye. Though contact lenses can correct refractive error, they should not be used for the daily living activity.

These lenses are available online but always you need to consult with eyecare practitioners before start using them. Many teens start using Halloween contact lenses for fun but they don’t know proper care and maintain of the contact lens.  Improper handling of contact lenses can cause severe eye infections which may cause severe vision loss. Poor hygiene with contact lenses can cause eye infections like corneal abrasion and corneal ulcer due to bacterial or viral infection which leaves a scar after cure it. The Dense corneal scar may cause severe vision loss and future may need a corneal transplant.

As per FDA you should not buy or sell contact lenses without proper prescriptions. There are many types of Halloween and cosmetic contact lenses are available in market like
Coloured contact lenses with power
Special effects Halloween Contact lenses by Orion Vision Group
Note: This article is just for information purposes not for medical advice. if anyone one wants to use any kinds of cosmetic contact lenses then please consult with eye care specialist first. We don’t recommend to anyone to buy cosmetic contact lenses without Optometrist or Ophthalmologist consultation.

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