Adlens adjustable reading glasses for emergency purpose

Adlens is adjustable reading glasses also known as adjustable magnifying glasses for reading, self-adjustable reading glasses etc. Though this is developed for reading purposes, you can use it for distance as well as reading. This is a manually adjustable glass which you can adjust as per your requirement. Pre-presbyopic and a presbyopic patient can use this glass for various reading distance like computer distance, various reading distance as well for intermediate vision like television.

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Adlens (Alvarez Dual Lens) was shortlisted for global index awards for emergencies glasses in September 2011. Adjustable focal eye glasses are currently using two methods for achieving variable focal length.
  1. Liquid crystals
  2. Opto-mechanical

How to use adjustable reading glasses?

There is an adjustable knob at both sides and you need to focus them by rotating for each eye.
Adlens adjustable reading glasses technology
P.C- Adlens
P.C- Adlens


Reading at variable distance – Very good for presbyopic person like Table work, Reading, writing, computer work

Intermediate distance for watching television

Distance vision – Normal walking and daily living activity, Driving

After cataract surgery – Most the cases doctor or optometrist prefer to prescribe glasses after 3-4 weeks of surgery. So those cases if you can use this glass for reading.

It can correct 90% spherical error

Backup emergency glass – You can use them as a backup emergency glasses if your eyeglass number is the only sphere.

It’s available online with very cheap price


Only spherical power can be corrected not astigmatic refractive error

It’s not autofocus system. There is a small knob at both sides and you need to adjust the power by rotating those knobs.

Available power from +3.50 to -6.00D

Various design and of frame no available


Product description of Adlens adjustable reading glasses:-

This product is made by above technology with all features included.

The lenses are made of polycarbonate

The frame is durable and unisex design and nose pads are adjustable.


Last note about adjustable reading glasses:-

Buy this glass for emergency purposes but do periodic eye check by optometrists or Ophthalmologist. Don’t use them for driving. You can use this glass for driving on your risk and be careful while driving. If your vision is good and eyeglass number is the only sphere on the particular range then you can buy it for emergency purposes.   Check the price and availability at your place click here A similar type of product is instant 20/20 adjustable glasses.  

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