5 Interesting Things to do in Hyderabad

Known for its historical Charminar and lip-smacking Biryanis, Hyderabad is a blissful blend of rich history, royal food, glossy jewelry and a magnificent aura in the air. Whether you are a history enthusiast, a foodie or an ardent shopaholic, this place has so much to offer that you will never get enough of traveling all around Hyderabad. Also, what’s much more is a treat for nature lovers with the famous Hussain Sagar Lake and Nehru Zoological Park which will help you spend a relaxing day close to nature. So, below is a full-fledged list of exciting things that one can do in this city to explore it to its fullest.

  1. Unravel Hyderabad’sRich History at The Ancient Golconda Fort, The Charming Charminar And the Serene Mecca Masjid Golconda fort, Photo by Masrur Ashraf, CC BY-ND 2.0

The most famous historical monument in Hyderabad is the Charminar which is around 400 years old and was constructed by Mohammed QuliQutb Shah in 1591. It was created as a tribute to Hyderabad’s beginning and foundation and has markets situated all around for tasting a slice of Hyderabad’s splendid food and its opulent zardozi work. The ancient Golconda Fort is also a must visit for exploring the city’s history and the fort originated its name from a Telugu word that stands for shepherd’s hill. Apart from these two most visited places, Mecca Masjid, the most ancient mosque is also a good choice to witness a heavenly atmosphere and add tranquility to your journey.

  2. IndulgeYour Inner Shopaholic in Pearls, Bangles, IttarsAnd BidrisOf Hyderabad Photo (cropped) by Debajyoti Das, CC BY-SA 2.0

Shopping becomes an important part of everyone’s travels to take the specialties and souvenirs from the city you are visiting. Also, popular as the haven of pearls, Hyderabad is an ideal destination to shop for pearls which are crafted by the local artists and what’s more is you can also buy Biedrins, especially hukkahs, table accessories and jewelry range. For Bidris, you can visit Abids and to buy bangles, LaadBaazar is the perfect place just located next to the Charminar. Moreover, the city is also known for zardozi work which is available in many markets here and if you are in love with the scented fragrances, i.e. ittars, which is also quite available in the markets situated between Laad bazaar and Moti chowk.

  3. Relish Hyderabad Through Its Biryanis, Tunde Kebabs, and Sheer Korma Biryani, Photo by Dheerajk88, CC BY-SA 4.0

Hyderabad is a city amiably popular for its delicious delicacies and if you haven’t immersed yourself in the Biryanis and all the range of foods here, then you have missed a lot! With food stalls located in every market, near every historical monument, it is quite certain that you will not be able to control yourself to attack Hyderabad’s famous tuned kababs to desserts like sheer korma. To name a few Hyderabadi dishes- dump kit, Mirch ka salan, keema samosa, paaya, magaz masala, malai korma and lukhmi are some of the delicacies that one must try to satisfy their foodie side in this city.

4. Explore the Offbeat Hyderabad Through Birla Science Museum, Ramoji Film City, and Snow World   Ramoji Film City, Photo by McKay Savage, CC BY 2.0

After exploring Hyderabad’s rich heritage and savoring its food, you can make a visit to Birla Science Museum which has many sections from archaeology to unraveling the unknown mysteries of the cosmos. Further, the Ramoji film city is a hit destination for cinema fans as you can experience various film sets situated here and content yourself with the several activities organized from live performances to shopping malls and from kids’ amusement to a bird park.  Snow World with a wonderful aura full of snow that looks almost real is a family entertainment site to explore with having all types of snow sports and giving you a day away from the humid environment of the city.

5. Stay Close to Nature at The Hussain Sagar Lake and Nehru Zoological Park Hyderabad-Hussain Sagar Lake Hussain Sagar Lake, Photo by Alosh Bennett, CC BY 2.0

Hussain Sagar Lake has its own place amongst the largest artificial Indian lakes and is an amazing site to have picnics or spending the last day of your journey at Hyderabad. The colossal statue of Buddha situated amidst the lake is the thing that augments the splendor of this place. There are many water sports available with an amusement spot just next to this lake. Nehru zoological park is the next place to explore with fantastic services from toy trains to bicycle rides all around the zoo. So, after a tiring exploration, you can indulge yourself here amidst the zoo’s various attractions and also the newly launched butterfly park and jungle safari.


Hence, the above list of must-do things will be a great help for the first-time visitors in Hyderabad and also for those who have a short time to explore what the city has to offer. So, get up and plan your next trip to this astounding city and be ready to discover the gorgeous Hyderabad!

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