Wish you a Happy New Year 2017 to everyone

Hello everyone – my dear friends, family members, readers, teachers and well wishers. Wish you a happy new year 2017 for a joyful and a better future. Also, congratulate everyone for successfully completing 2016. Hope every second of New Year will be a great moment in your life. Congratulate everyone those who fulfill completely or partially fulfills their dream. I am thankful for my readers those who read my blogs for this year. The first time I was out of my home for a whole year. Every year I spend at least 15 days in a year with my family but this whole year I was an NRI (Non-residential Indian).

Happy New Year 2017

2016 is the birth year of kbeyeblogs.com. The major aim of this website is to increase the awareness level of eye disease and its prevention in India. Awareness about eye diseases in India is very low. Though so many people are aware of cataract but the disease like glaucoma or diabetes-related knowledge is very less. When I did my Master degree project entitled “awareness about eye disease at rural area of West Bengal”.  I am thanking my teachers Ms. Monica Chaudhary who inspired me and teach me about the subject.   So many people aware about cataract but awareness about glaucoma are very less. We always try to share our knowledge about eye problems and treatments through our blog.  Few of our readers think that this blog is for research purpose or should be new things.  My request to everyone please share our blog because someone who is not from the medical field, he may be the beneficiary from our blogs.

KBEYEBLOGS is only one-year-old but I learned lots of things here. Medical blogs always take timing for success if you want to take blogging as a career.  Hope in future we delivered better quality blog for new information and increase awareness about the disease in society. Definitely, Facebook plays an important role for increase the awareness about the disease through blogs.

Thank you, everyone, for supporting us and write blogs on behalf of KBEYEBLOGS.

Once again wish you

                         “Happy New Year”

Krishnendu Mandal

Optometrist, Blogger, Blogging since Jan 2016