18 misconception or myths about contact lenses

Today I will focus on some misconception or myths about contact lenses. So many people avoid  to wearing contact lenses because of some misconception on contact lenses. So many people avoid contact lenses due to adverse effects or age related issue. Few persons need contact lenses because of anisometropia but they wear under correction of refractive error due to the misconception about content lenses. Hope at the end I will able to clarify the doubt on contact lenses.

 1. Contact lens can go opposite side of the eye

No contact lens cannot go to the opposite side of the eyeball. A membrane called conjunctiva covers the white part of the eye which attaches with the eyelid. So contact lenses can’t go inside of the eyeball.

2. Soft contact lens can wear without doctor consultation?

Wrong. You need to optometrist consultation before start wearing lenses. A major reason behind that the lens fitting and suitability of the lens material. If the contact lens or lens solution not suitable for your eyes then it can do adverse effects in your eyes like allergies and other things. Improper fit lenses can cause blurred vision. If cylindrical power presents in your prescription then you need toric contact lenses. The standard practice of toric lenses trial takes 1-3 weeks period to see exactly fittings on eyes. If excessive rotation presents on your toric lenses then vision will be blurred and may be ghost image you can see.

3. Contact lenses can be stuck into eyes

True. Soft contact lens can be stuck into eyes if the lens becomes dry. Don’t try to remove the lens by force. Actual you need to re-moisturized the lens. So put some lubricant drops or multi-purpose lens cleaning solution and automatically everything will be solved.

4. We can change the contact lens solution as per price convenience

If the lens solution not suitable for your eyes then you can be in trouble. Better try to use the same solution. Consult with your lens specialist before changing your solution brand.

5. Contact lenses can be used continuously one month without removing them

Extended wear contact lens you can wear continuously, even at the sleeping time. But make sure the validity of lens; it is continuous 1 week or 2 weeks. But consult with your optometrist before because they can explain you in a better way about the wearing schedule. For healthy eye always better to remove the lenses before sleeping.

6. Wearing and removal take too much time

No wearing and removal is a minute job only. Initially, it may take the time and it also varies person to person. Better take a pair of trial lenses for understanding about lens care maintain, also you can handle it or not.

7. Wearing poorly fit contact lenses doesn’t matter

It can be harmful to your cornea. Especially in toric soft lenses and hard lenses.

8. Contact lens care is very much difficult

No, it is very easy but you have main them properly. Cleaning lenses, rubbing lenses, washing hands all should be done properly as per your optometrist advice.

9. We can’t go for swimming with contact lens

With contact lenses, you can go for swimming but you need to wear goggles over lenses (Strictly advisable). For swimming daily disposable contact lenses is recommended. Goggles are important because most dangerous keratitis Acanthamoeba keratitis is spread from the water like the river, swimming pool, lake etc.

10. CL wearers should interrupt lens wear one day per week.

Really not. You can wear each day yet you ought not to abuse and attempt to keep away from it for overnight.

11. Only silicon material contact lenses are safest

Not like that, Hydrogel materials are also good. You need to maintain your lenses properly.

12. Contact lenses can’t prevent UV rays

Wrong now a day so many 100% UB rays protected contact lenses are available in the market. Uv protected contact lenses are better than UV protected sunglasses.

13. We don’t need to wear glasses over contact lenses

Wrong. You need to wear glasses over contact lenses. You can wear sunglass or plan glasses over lenses so that it can protect your eyes and lenses from dust.

14. Rgp contact lenses can halt the progression of keratoconus

No, it’s not true. Flat fit lenses can make the scar on your eyes which can be causes of permanent vision loss.

15.Contact lens can pop-out from eye

Not true. The lenses generally not but if your eyelid is too tight then lenses can fold because of blinking. That’s why need to consult with an optometrist for the first time trial. If you wear loose fit (Too flat ) Rgp or Hard lenses, then it can happen.

16. Contact lenses are too expensive

False. Sometimes they are cheaper than spectacle

17. Old person or presbyopic person cannot wear contact lenses

False. Bifocal or multifocal contact lenses are available in the market. Age over 50 yrs lubricant eye drop is advisable for dryness

18. Can allergy develop to eyes due to contact lenses

Yes, it can be developed for those who wearing contact lenses so many years. GPC (Giant papillary conjunctivitis) is a complication of the contact lens which is associated with redness and irritation. But it can be treated easily.

You can read my previous blog about the selection of contact lenses. If anybody has any other confusion or myths about contact lenses then please send me email or comments.

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