14 tips for network marketing success

How to be a success at network marketing?

I am sure those who are reading this article, most of them are known about “Network Marketing or Multi-level Marketing”.  So many people are interested in network marketing but only a few of them are succeeding. About 90% of them are not succeeding. When the people are joined at network marketing, basically they follow the leaders. The leaders are always telling about reach  their dream. They explain how network marketing strategy can help someone to earn lots of money. On their path, it is a very easy job only need to 1-2 hrs daily but

                      “Network marketing need to be taken as serious business”

If you want to earn money then you need lots of work and strategies behind this. Most of the companies give first priority to housewives then students, youth, full-time workers etc. The major reason behind that, housewives can give more time to the business. Already my previous blog, I explained few points on success network marketing. On addition that today, I will discuss the possible ways to success your business. Network strategy not only money marketing also other business or work we need this like success in blogs. It is very important to market your work. In network marketing, you are like an orphan. Everyone is help for you and another way no one is really bothered about your business.

What are the ways to market your business?
  1. Social Media Marketing:- Social media is a cheap and easy way to spread your message. Join all major social media like-

Facebook:  As per report, Facebook has 1.71 billion active users monthly. Through facebook, you can expand your business worldwide. But you need to know some tricks which can help you to get more clients. First of all regular posting about your business around 2-3 times daily. If you posted 2-3 times then only chance of more readers will be an increase. Few person using morning, afternoon or evening one times daily. You need to join so many groups, as much as you can join. Before post any advertisement to any facebook group please read carefully about the policy of that group.  You can use buffer software to post multiple times on facebook. It will save your time. Through buffer, you can post also in LinkedIn, Google+, and Twitter. The buffer is free but they also have paid version.  Update your post regularly.

In your phone, you can download Facebook group, Facebook Lite application. Facebook Lite application is very small In size so will not take much more space on your phone. Few persons don’t want to post networking business in their facebook profile. So they can open another account for network associates. Facebook page also can help someone to promote their business. You can make a facebook page for your business name. Maybe like work with you or your business association.

LinkedIn and twitter also are another way to promote your business. LinkedIn is a professional network.


  1. Advertising on free site:- Try to find local advertising site. It can be free or it can be paid. Local advertising media always helps to grow your business. Through this, you can reach more audience. India you can add on a site like Olx, Click ads etc.
  2. Writing a blog:- Regular writing blogs can increase your traffic as well sell. If you write about your business and procedure, it can help to increase your business. Also, people can understand the policy and business procedure.
  3. Sharing video:- Share youtube video or own made video. It will help to explain about the product or procedure. Share some video regarding registration procedure or other things related to your business.
  4. Payment proof:- your earning proof is very much important now a days. Because so many people are really want to see that the company really pays or not. Most of the successful leaders are regularly post their payment proof on social sites or blogs. It obviously gains the confidence level of people before they invest.
  5. Teamwork:- Teamwork is very much important. Proper planning, training associates, helps from senior as well as help to down liner is very important. If your team fails, you will be failing. It is not alone success in the business. If team members become a success then the leader will be automatically a success.
  6. Follow the leaders:- Successful network marketers follow their up liner and listen to If you follow your leaders and seniors then chances of success are more. This is the main reason that so many people are in network marketing but only 10% of them are succeeding. Call your sponsor regularly for regular strategies.
  7. Self-development:- Self development is always important. “Good leaders are good readers”. Never stop educating yourself. Top network marketers are good readers and learner. They regularly read success books and marketing strategies. Also, they do research on network marketing and advertising strategies on social media.
  8. Plan your work:- You need to plan your work for everyday. Make a goal to share your product everyday. No need to work hard but need smart work. Plan your daily basis. If not possible then weekly 2 or 3 days. But it should be a regular Maybe you can plan for a meeting on your holidays. If you fail to plan properly then definitely you will fail. Plan with expert senior because at the beginning stage they can explain better than you about products.
  9. Never Quit:- Follow never quit strategy. Whenever you think about quitting then think again why you join to the network. What was your dream to join this network? Start thinking from beginning. Try to find out the mistakes you did before. Take help your sponsor or up liner. Success and failure both are If you quit then you will not able to see the next day sun rising. Always know that better days are coming. Maybe some people will laugh at you but when you will succeed then they will not laugh at you.
  10. Listening power and tolerance:- You should increase your listening power. When your guide tells you then you should listen properly them. If you listen properly then only you can deliver your message or trained your staff properly. So many people can bad about you or your products. Maybe at the time of your meeting so many cross question to come. The questions may be irrelevant but you have to answer them properly. If doesn’t know tell them you will inform them later.
  11. Don’t chase your relatives or friend:- Network marketing is only business where your relatives and friends can help you better than other. So don’t chase them because you have to grow together. Also, it will be a good example of your followers. It always helps to grow your network. There is nothing wrong to show them about your interest or work.
  12. Follow-up:- Follow-up is important in this business. Follow-up your associates about their work. Also some you explained about business and he told may be interested in future but not now. Then ask them for the email address, so that you can contact them in future or call the after 3 or 6 months. Sometimes people join after 6 months also they work more interestingly to get success.
  13. Stop excusing:- So many people are telling that no one is joining with me. Also, no one is taking this product. Remember before join you need to clarify everything. It is not like that someone continuously telling you and you gave him money for joining. Stop excuse and start work. Take help from upline and read the company policy properly. Also, see the video as much as you can. If you listen from your upline properly then only you can train your associates or explain about the products properly.Slide2
Till now network marketing is the best thing to become richer and financial freedom but you should take it in a serious way to get success.  

Krishnendu Mandal
Optometrist, Blogger, Blogging since Jan 2016



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